The Union of Brunel Students’ Intramural Sport programme, which was launched in November 2014, has proven a huge success after only two months of operation at Brunel.
The scheme, which is run by the Union of Brunel students in partnership with Brunel Commercial Sport and Leisure, is a semi-competitive social sport option for those with limited time.
Joining the programme is free besides the purchase of a Sports Federation Membership (£22.50) and provides a great alternative to competitive sports or the BUCS league.

2014/2015 is the first academic year that Intramural Sport has been a prominent focus at Brunel, with the most ever leagues, sports and fixtures that Brunel has ever seen. The programme currently boasts 3 football leagues, 1 mixed basketball league and 2 badminton leagues. 77 teams play across 3 sports, with a mixed netball league expected to commence this month.

VPSA Hannah Jones has been the driving force behind the Intramural programme: “I’m very pleased we have facilitated another opportunity for students to get involved in sport, we want to continue to provide this popular programme for students and ensure successful continuation into the future.”
Check social media for updates for signs ups for upcoming leagues. All upcoming fixtures, results and league tables can be found at

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Kirsty Capes