By Pauline K.

Kenny Ojuederie, 19, visual effects and motion graphics student at Brunel University London was released on bail after being by the Uxbridge Police, for wearing a ‘killer clown’ costume and chasing people on campus with a chainsaw.

Students who saw Mr. Ojuederie dressed up as a clown outside their halls of residence were quick to take pictures and videos of him and share the news on social media.

One user tweeted: “There's a clown on Brunel campus, don't think I'm ever leaving my flat again”, while another one said: “Oh my, killer clown terrorising Brunel students”.

James Liuton, 23, a science student at Brunel said he was ‘shocked’ to hear the news on social media.

“It was all over Facebook and everyone was freaking out," Mr. Liuton said. "I thought it was a made-up joke to begin with, because I had heard about those clown pranks before, but then when I saw Snapchat posts and tweets I was scared indeed.”

Mr. Ojuederie, who is popular on YouTube for his quirky prank videos under the name ‘King Kenny’, has now revealed that it was a ‘100% pre-planned video’ for his YouTube channel.

“The people on the video were all my friends and we had planned it and we filmed on one spot only," he said.  "I was making a project and expected it to go viral. I always want to keep my audience off their feet. The whole point of the video was to make me look like I'm chasing random people and give the viewers shock value, so that they can share it more. But it's all got blown way out of proportion.”

Mr. Ojuederie handed himself in to university security the following night was transferred to a west London police station. He said he was quite disappointed about the way that other Brunel students shared pictures and videos of him online and made him look like he was ‘terrorising the campus’.

“I took my mask off beforehand and told students filming me that I'm not harming anyone, I'm just filming a video," he said.  "Yet, they didn't record that part and they decided to record me with a chainsaw, chasing thin air and looking like a crazy person. I would never ever terrorise anyone in my life. It’s not even in my nature to do so."

Mr. Ojuederie explained that he makes YouTube videos to showcase his talents in film, music, editing and acting that he wishes use in his portfolio to help him one day land a job.

"You can see the real video I made on YouTube," he added. "Not some video that has been recorded on a phone by a student and makes me look like I am actually scaring people."

The ‘clown craze’ also known as the ‘killer clown trend’ was imported from the United States and it sees pranksters wearing scary clown costumes and masks and usually holding weapons in an attempt to try and terrorise the public. There have already been several sightings of clown pranksters around schools, parking lots and houses in London, Leeds and Essex.

CCTV cameras are placed throughout campus and Brunel security operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Terry Vass, security operations manager at Brunel University, said that students "can be assured that you have nothing to worry about on campus.’’

Update: Kenny Ojuederie has now been expelled from university.