Romany Scott

The Placement and Careers Centre is launching iworkat, an online platform for Brunel students to reflect upon their experience of obtaining and completing a work placement!

Have you finished a placement? Send an email to: with the email subject ‘iworkat’ to express your interest in appearing on the website and we’ll send you a few questions to answer! This is the perfect way to boost your profile online. As said by experienced careers consultant at Brunel, Helen Slingsby, ‘Recruiters will frequently Google to find out more about who has sent in their CV or application form so having an online presence is very important, and one that is separate from your Facebook account. Facebook is for private stuff, LinkedIn and other platforms like iworkat are excellent to show case your skills, experience, interests and other attributes’. That’s right, it is not just an urban myth that when you apply for a job employers research you, so it can only help you if one of the first things they find is that you undertook a placement, had a positive experience and are a generally proactive go-getter – I would also recommend deleting all those inappropriate Facebook photos, just to be on the safe side!

As a part of my job at the Placement and Careers Centre, I have been working on the website and uploading all of the profiles which even if not in your subject field, all provide a useful insight into the application process, how to stand out from others in the workplace and how the placement benefited them. Helen Slingby notes, ‘Stories play a huge role in our lives - whether that’s watching movies, reading novels or analysing the latest entrants into the Big Brother house. It makes us think about our own experience. So looking at iworkat  is a great way to engage with others’ stories, learn about  their career and placement journeys, the ups and downs of how they got there and any advice they may have had along the way’. I am a postgraduate student (one of the people who live in the library in a state of caffeine-fuelled consciousness) and I can tell you that the need for post-study employment becomes ever more present as your university career approaches an end, so gaining advice from others who have experience really is invaluable.

On the site we also have iworkglobal featuring international students and placements completed abroad and ihireat which is information given straight from the employer detailing what they look for in a candidate and the specifics about the company, which will help you decide whether you would like to work for them. The site is still in the early stages and we are currently building up our database, but we hope as we do this that employers will use the website as a mode of finding and contacting suitable students regarding work opportunities, another way in which appearing on iworkat could improve your chances of employment.

To take a look, go to: