For a night the Roundhouse was transformed into Emerald Island, topped with cocktail umbrellas and palm trees. Caro Emerald, the dutch jazz singer debuted in July 2009 with "Back It Up” and has since released three albums, with roaring success across Europe. Known for her outstanding performances and retro-style, Caro brought her all to Camden and definitely did not disappoint.

The first real concert I ever went to was at The Roundhouse - not counting Busted back when I was 8 because they didn't even have their instruments plugged in. I saw The Zutons and fell in love with live music. Since then, I’ve bustled my way to the barrier at Reading, BST and Glastonbury. I've done my share of festivals, concerts and secret gigs. However, arriving at the Roundhouse for Caro Emerald had a totally different feel. Yes that may have been because myself and my friend were much younger than most of the audience, but that's what made it so perfect. No bustle, space to breath and the option to go and use of clean toilet. Maybe I'm ageing before my years, but it allowed us to focus on the music and having a good time.

With stunning vocals Caro charmed the crowd with her opening number ‘Riviera Life', had everyone dancing with “Dr Wanna Do” and answered pleas of encore with “A night like this”.

While Caro's soulful voice pulled in the audience, her band often stole the stage, not just with their incredible talent but their smooth moves. Together the boys were having fun on stage and that translated into their sound. However they never took away from Caro's performance, showing off her baby bump she owned the stage with her signature vintage style and red lips.

What really made the whole night shine was the effortless feel. Each member of the band played to impress, Caro's voice and stage presence were flawless and for the first time I saw a clarinet solo so soulful that I was blown away, but at no point did it seem like anything but a group of very talented friends having fun on stage.

If you ever get a chance to see Caro and join her on Emerald Island, I would highly recommend it. 4.5/5