Josh Haddow is the captain of the Brunel Men’s Hockey Second Team, where he’s been a member for three years. He will lead the tean in their opening game against Surrey on 29 October 2014, where they hope to win in the first round of the cup. On this day all Brunel Hockey Teams will play, and it will be the second match of the competitive season for the Men’s Seconds. Le Nurb met with Josh to talk about his aims for the team this year and the progress he hopes to make.
LN: First things first, how was your summer?
JH: Summer was good. I spent it in the Caribbean visiting family.

LN: Did you play any hockey during summer?
JH: I didn't get the chance to play hockey over summer but the hockey World Cup was on TV so I watched that when I got the chance.

LN: How was preseason?
JH: Pre-season was useful for us as it gives the teams a chance get to know each other and gives new players the chance to play without any pressure on the result.

LN: How did the first game of the season go?
JH: The first game of the season for the 2nd team was good. Considering we had ten players, quite a few of whom are new to the sport, we managed to get to half time with the score 0-0. 20 seconds into the second half we scored. Later in the half one of our players received a yellow card, putting him on the bench for 5 minutes. The opposition took advantage of this and scored 2. This is how the game finished and the final result was 2-1 to Chichester.
LN: What are your aims for the season?
JH: Our aim for this season is to get promoted and to develop our new players

LN: Are there any players we should look out for?
JH: One player to watch out for is Stan Le Guezec, a French national league player that joined us this year.
So that’s the plans for the Men’s Hockey Second Team at Brunel for this coming year. We wish them the best of luck in all their future games and hope that the rest of the season takes a turn for the better, following their unfortunate first game.
Panny Antoniou