This is my favourite time of the year and writing these blog posts means I start to feel festive. I cannot stand when people complain it's too early in November to prepare for the Christmas holidays... *Christmas music playing*

I've been searching through the internet, magazines and shops, for what I consider, this year's best Christmas jumpers for women. Having seen some amazing ones (quite expensive though), I started to look for slightly cheaper options, which are genuinely nice-looking and comfortable to wear at all times and events through December and I decided to share my results with you.

  1. I've been spending hours browsing on ASOS website this month, not just for Christmas jumpers but for new clothes in general which I can add to 'my Wishlist'. This jumper is £40.00, slightly pricey but totally festive and pretty.


  1. The next jumper is also from ASOS. I absolutely love this one - it's got a turtle neck which is a big trend at the moment. It reminds me of Wham's 'Last Christmas' video. This is usually £32.00 but if you grab it now it is £25.50.
  1. Considering this is Primark, it's really cute compared to their traditional 'ugly' Christmas jumpers. It's also £14 so a really good price if you're looking for a cheap and nice Christmas Jumper.


  1. Sainsbury have got some great Christmas jumpers this year and at reasonable prices too. It is definitely worth checking them out! I love this one, it's so girly and but I find jumpers with 'christmassy' quotes really cute. It is only £18 and suitable for various occasions through December.


  1. This one is another great jumper and part of a limited edition too. Probably one of my favourites... I think it is quirky and festive, even though its black. I feel this one would be really easy to pair in an outfit. It is an M&S jumper and the price is £29.50.


  1. Another Gingerbread Jumper (they're so cute!) that can be found in Asda. It is only £12, so even cheaper than the Primark find.



  1. I'm not usually a fan of tops with puns from songs and movies but I found this one adorable, especially with the stars and the little hat. This one is £26 and can be found at Dorothy Perkins. The website currently says 'Coming Soon' so hopefully we will see it online and in the stores soon!

elf 7

  1. This last jumper is another one from Dorothy Perkins, very stylish and on sale too! It is glamorous and suits every women's Christmas party-wear wardrobe. Such a beautiful jumper and just £23.40 at the moment.