Kirsty Capes – Editor:

“I’ve been listening to The Internet’s album Feel Good. The Internet is Syd Tha Kid from the Odd Future collective and she is the most unlikely of their members. Her voice is like chocolate and her music oozes funk and feel-good rhythms… I’ve also just started the 800-page behemoth that is The Luminaries by Eleanor Catton but so far so good. It's set in 1800s New Zealand goldfields and follows a man trying to solve a huge mystery that involves fraud, theft, murder and suicide. It's pretty epic so far… I tried the first season of Orange is the New Black on Netflix and hated it, but thought I’d give the second season a try, I’m so glad I did.”

Victoria Sanusi – Culture’s Section Editor:

“I don’t think I can listen to It’s My Birthday by will.i.am without dancing! The music video is funny too… Love and Hip Hop Atlanta is undoubtedly the most ratchet show ever but I can’t stop watching it… I feel like the game Kim Kardashian: Hollywood is the closest I will ever get to really hanging out with Kim and I love it! I have no shame.”

James Alder – Culture’s Chief Sub-Editor:

“I got three George R.R. Martin’s novels from before Game of Thrones for my birthday. One is about vampires and steamboats; another about a death metal rock band with a demonic curse and the third - my favourite one – is set in the future and is about a witty ecological engineer who goes around the universe saving planets from extinction. It doesn’t have the plotlines like GoT but Tuf Voyaging is an enjoyable read… I saw Jake Bugg at Hyde Park recently and have been hooked ever since, his album Shangri La should definitely be listened to… I’ve been addicted to this game Battleblock Theatre, it’s from the same company that made Castle Crashers and it’s just mental. After being shipwrecked on a remote island you are kidnapped by giant cats and forced to put on shows where you collect gems and try not to die, all while trying to save your best friend who has been possessed by a cursed top hat, as I said mental. If for nothing else just buy it to listen to the narrator, his comments are hilarious.”

Jasmin Nahar – Culture’s Online Editor:

“Frustratingly difficult, Batman: Arkham Origins made want to throw my Xbox controller in anguish, but you get to beat people up whilst being Batman, so that’s pretty great… Beartooth are a post-hardcore band courtesy of Caleb Shomo from Attack Attack! They’re probably the best new band I’ve heard in a very long time. Also the new Four Year Strong EP Go Down in History is fifteen minutes of awesome pop-punk with breakdowns. Just wish there was more of it… I’ve been reading The Miniaturist by Jessie Burton, set in 17th century Amsterdam, it’s about a young woman who is given a miniature version of her house and the people inside it, and it kind of predicts the future. Creepy, but in a good way.”

Mehdi Punjwan – Sport’s Chief Sub-Editor:

“Tense, exciting and fraught with conspiracy, Jack Reacher’s eighteenth outing Never Go Back by Lee Childis as brilliant as the others… Simon Bird and Tom Rosenthal are indignantly funny in Channel 4’s Friday Night Dinner; an outstanding example of British comedy… The Black Market by Rise Against is a great record, with a strong message and some outstanding tracks. Look for The Great Die-Off and Bridges.”

Arthe Kandeepan – News’ Chief Sub-Editor:

“The Female Man is a novel using time-travel, assassins, librarians and robots in order to question what it is to be a modern woman, a very intriguing read… Alec Benjamin is a young, up and coming singer songwriter, his mix-tapes speak words that you would expect of someone twice his age! Beautiful and simple music. I recommend America, Paper Crown and Animal... I’ve been watching The Mindy Project. Itrevolves around an obstetrics and gynaecology practice where outlandish things happen, closely followed by romantic mishap.”

Martha Salhotra – Culture’s Sub-Editor:

The Lemon Grove by Helen Walsh looked at a middle-aged woman having a steamy affair with a 17 year-old boy. It was intense, gripping and only slightly disturbing… Hozier has a voice like honey and his lyrics are beautiful. I heard Sedated and have loved his music since… If you like the idea of seeing one actress playing clones of herself and unravelling an increasingly frightening genetic experiment, then watch Orphan Black. It'll have you hooked.

Erica Wilson – Feature’s Sub-Editor:

“I’ve been reading Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury. I already loved the dystopia genre but now I’m inspired to read even more! Bradbury’s way with language is extraordinary… The game Wildstar is a really fresh take on the MMO genre complete with beautiful graphics, a dynamic combat system and immersive storyline… I’ve been watching It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. Concept: 5 assholes run a bar. It’s hilariously cringe-worthy in the best possible way!