Panny Antoniou & Laura Dunnett

NOTE: THIS WAS AN APRIL FOOLS JOKE. It seemed to have gone well because a couple of people have phoned up the library scared, but we promise this is a joke!

Rachel McMahon
Rachel McMahon

Library staff announced on Tuesday that all loaned out books will be recalled indefinitely as part of a tough new strategy to reduce book theft. The library has reported that 70% of students keep books over a month past the due date which has resulted in severe shortages of essential course texts. A member of library staff revealed exclusively to Le Nurb that there will be severe penalties to students who fail to return books within the allotted time which may result in fines or a reduction in academic credit. Library staff understand that students are angry about this matter, but request that students do not directly address the library staff at this stage. Library staff have defended this policy amongst widespread criticism from students and lecturers alike who deplore the lack of resources available to third year and masters students.
As a result of this major recall, the library has been overrun by students looking to avoid fines by returning their books. This has caused further delays in processing the backlog of returned books so students have still been fined, despite returning their books on time. Many have had fines taken directly from their accounts without their consent which has prompted an angry response from the Brunel Student Union. Students will be notified about any fines on their account at a later date and the appropriate action for claims of overcharging will be taken. Several students have asked to be refunded, however this is an ongoing process pending a formal inquiry into library practises. An outraged member of the student union is quoted as saying:

“This is just another example of Brunel University’s systematic policy of ripping off students and trying to take every penny we have”.

Le Nurb recommends that students check their bank accounts in order to determine whether they have been victims of library charges.