People don't understand how I can be Christian and a feminist, and this has resulted in a lot of heated discussions.  It does sometimes appear to be an oxymoron. How does one combine religion - a concept entangled with rules and regulations - with feminism, which arguably seems to have lost all direction (and dignity)?

When trying to address this issue, I have found that there is a main reason why the idea of feminist ideology peacefully coexisting with anything else in this universe is so hard to fathom. Unfortunately many people still do not understand feminism and this can be attributed to the fact that women's issues change with time and therefore feminism too is ever evolving. It's almost as though whenever people start getting their head around the idea another wave of feminism pops up and muddles things all over again.

The fact that feminism is ever evolving should not be seen as a weakness, or make it any less valid as a worldview. We feminists should be proud of our adaptability - the issue is with letting the world in on our growth. As young people spend more time-sharing views on the Internet with no sense of responsibility, a significant portion of content associated with feminism hurts the cause. Young feminists need to take more responsibility for promoting feminism as a just cause rather than another hot topic paraded for retweets.

Whilst in the shower one day I thought to myself 'what do young feminists actually want?' and I realised that I have met a lot of young feminists since I've been at Brunel. This is why I am currently trying to get some fellow students together to write a book. Being a creative writing student, I also understand the power of literature in addressing social issues so I decided to contact a few people on my course to get this project going.

The book will hopefully attempt to answer what feminism means to young, educated people and subsequently why it is an important cause. It will also demonstrate that, although it aims to be revolutionary, feminism isn't about creating conflict.

If anyone would like to join the project, they can contact me (1318329@my.brunel.ac.uk) to show interest and there'll be a meeting in September so all contributors can meet and share ideas.

Let's make the most of the knowledge we've gained through books and experience and educate others to create an even better feminism.