Monday night at the small and charming venue that is The Monarch, Camden. Step through the door to a wall of people. The ground floor of this compact pub is covered in LTA fans and press alike, all facing the ‘stage’ that is about to host the launch performance of Lower Than Atlantis’ newest self-titled release. All space is taken, with people strewn over the stairs, bar, seats, the top of booths, anywhere they could possibly fit and view the stage. That is always a good start to a gig.

With entry to this intimate performance being for competition winners and press only, the atmosphere expectation is electric.  All look extremely pleased to be in the position they find themselves in. Thankfully they are not to be disappointed. LTA take the stage with smiles all round, a sight which was a continual presence throughout their set. This was perhaps the most satisfying aspect of the performance. Watching a band perform with such passion and enjoyment is enough to bring out the scraggily haired teenager in anybody. The most obvious display of the bands elation came towards the end of the set. A bottle of champagne appeared on stage, and was uncorked and passed gleefully around themselves in a gesture of celebration. The vibe given off by all members was one of satisfaction and accomplishment regarding their latest release, after a long 2 year writing a production process.

In regards to the performance itself, the band played almost flawlessly, leading me to believe that Eddy Thrower’s laughter traced comment he shared with me earlier that day,  that the live performance had ‘probably got worse to be honest mate’ in their absence, was one of modesty and not fact. Every song seemed to be well rehearsed, giving the band a tight and accomplished sound. The size of The Monarch contributed highly to the feel of the performance. The bands close proximity to their engrossed fans seems to fuel their performance, as well as the compact space seemingly amplifying their sound to organ shaking pre portions. The avid fans sang along to every song, shouting every word with confidence and  radiating happiness. Although the lead vocal seemed to have a lot of reverb, overall LTA’s set up and performance was spot on, with all instruments filling their own frequency with relevant ease, making the full band sound complete and powerful.

There were a few nice touches to this gig that set it apart from perhaps your run of the mill event. All pints ordered a the bar were served in special Lower Than Atlantis pint glasses, as well as all tables being littered with LTA coasters, both of which the band encouraged everyone to take home with them as a memento of the occasion. Of course, everyone did. The intimate nature of the venue also allowed for fans to potentially interact with the band after the show, as they left the stage into the crowd of elated fans. This alternative atmosphere provided a unique experience compared to larger shows, and the perfect way for LTA to thank the fans for their support over the years.

Most prevalent about this performance was the enjoyment seen on everyones faces, and at the end of the day that’s the point of playing or attending a gig. In that respect, LTA delivered at The Monarch, despite the shortness of their set (just lasting 30-40 minutes, although possibly in preparation for their support role as part of A Day to Remember's tour in November). As a launch party, it definitely provided a feeling of exclusivity, launching the new album with enthusiasm and success. The atmosphere, helped no end by the venue choice, mixed relaxed with energetic flawlessly, given a general aura of happiness and contentment. From what I saw last night, I am sure that LTA will continue this week to please their fans across the country, and take that same skill with them out on their November tour, as well as the upcoming headline show at KOKO London.