As a Brunel Student, Uxbridge will be your go to place for everything. While it is much smaller than central London, there are many hidden gems. Our writers outline a selection below.

Diamond Nail Spa Erica Wilson

Uxbridge boasts a large variety of Beauty Salons, ranging in services and specialities; my preferred Nail Salon is Diamond Nail Spa, a small yet inviting establishment on Windsor Street. They offer a wide selection of nail treatments, such as spa manicure/pedicure, shellac and nail polish design. I get acrylic nails done every so often and I’m always impressed with the result – They last a long time and take about 3 weeks before they even start to chip!  In addition, they have a loyalty scheme, which rewards you with discounts on your 6th visit! Speaking as someone who doesn’t dress up very often, I would highly recommend a nail treatment for special occasions and nights out to feel fabulous!



Uxbridge’s answer to Tinsel Town. You can find Red Iron Burger in Uxbridge town. Probably the best burger bar I have EVER been to. They pride themselves on the fact that they sell 'Real’ food. On my first visit I tried the Sweet Chilli chicken burger - served with onion rings and skin house rustic chips which was delicious! The food came in a basket with paper which gives that American diner vibe to it.

If you are crazy and want to try a MAN VS. FOOD like challenge, Red Iron provides this! With one competition consisting of eating a 32oz burger (the size of your head) winners get to have their photo on their wall of fame.

Red Iron Burger’s do Halal burgers so no one gets to miss out! Vegetarian burgers are available. You can even bring your vege friends too! The only problem is you’ll be so full up never have time for dessert and there’s no way you can eat their burgers without making a mess. So no go for a first date.



If you want a chance to stuff your face for a reasonable price, all you can eat buffets are often a good place to go. However, despite some excellent choices of food and dessert, Tai Pan on the Manpower roundabout can work out a bit pricey if you don't know what you're doing. For example if you turn up on a Friday or Saturday night you will be set back almost £18 for your meal (excluding drinks). The trick is to go for the lunch buffet, and get a takeaway box for just £7. Stuffing both lids of this box and holding it carefully shut mean you can get enough yummy food for two or even three people (or one person if you eat like me). The down side is you won't get the option of cakes and ice cream that are available on the all you can eat sit-in deal, however with a wide selection of tempura, prawn toasts, spare ribs, satay chicken, noodles, rice, and lots more besides, it is more than worth it. And then there is the holy grail: Duck Pancakes. Yes, you can get the ingredients for these and stuff your takeaway box full (although I have yet to see anyone dare to take more than a couple).


Five Guys, A Full Fat Epiphany EDDIE LEGGATT

I recently added half an hour onto my journey into London, just so I could go via five guys. And I'd do it again in an artery choked cholesterol clogged heartbeat just to smell one of their greasy brown paper bags.

You can find them in a huge glass fronted building just next to Uxbridge tube station. Their ground floor boasts a couple of tables,  piles of potatoes and peanut oil,  a drinks machine with a seemingly unending amount of flavours -  cherry and coconut tango anyone? -  and a place where meat is made magic.  Upstairs you have the standard fast-food booth layout, with white and red tiles ensuring that there's no danger of a classy feel. Place for a first date? Not a chance. However, once you're happy to see each other ripping relentlessly into oily heaven, pausing only to breathe and shovel in some more fries, there's not a better place on the face of the earth.

I didn't believe the hype at first, but it's all true. Ghengis Khan pulled out of his unstoppable March East because he wanted a Big Fry double Bacon cheese. Taoist monk Jekiah Snuwaffle broke his seventeen year silent reflection when offered a peanut oil fry, skin still on and simple perfection, and it has been rumoured that Thatcher herself hummed a happy mining tune after her first bite of a Five guys tin-foil wrapped burger.

What I'm trying to say here is this: Five guys is good. Very, very good, in the worse possible way. It will end diets, it will sentence you to weeks at the gym, it will turn your student loan into soft bun, melty cheese, fried onion and mayo heaven. You will come back again and again.

And after your first visit, you'll know to order a "little fry" and small chips, because their larges will feed a family of six. Too bad that, for the cost, you could almost clothe that same family.

Barry The Barber KRIS MILES
A haircut should be more than just four snips and a short back and sides. It should
be an experience: A ritual that you should be able to treasure, customise and enjoy
now that you are away from the grasp of others making decisions for you. Why does
Barry fit these quotas? Well it might be trivial but aside from the fact that he’s an
excellent barber that’s been keeping the men of Uxbridge feeling good about
themselves for years, saying the phrase “I’m off to see Barry the barber” to your
flatmates just never gets old. That, coupled with the fact that he’s one of the
friendliest and most genuine people you’d hope to meet all adds to it. See, he’s all
about the experience.