Lauren Shiel - Communications Officer

An MA student at Brunel has been hugely successful in securing funding and a
UK tour for her first play with her production company.

Michelle Inniss, due to complete her MA in Creative Writing: The Novel at the end of
this academic year, is producing 'She Called me Mother' alongside her co-founders of Pitch
Lake Productions, Cathy Tyson and Cara Nolan.

Overjoyed that her work is coming to life, Michelle said: "This is the first play I have
ever written so it was amazing to discover that others love it as much as I do."
Cathy Tyson is a BAFTA and Golden Globe nominated actress with over three
decades of experience in film, television and theatre. She will perform as the lead character
with Cara directing and overseeing production.

Cathy is also associated with Brunel, having graduated in 2012 with a BA in English
and Drama, but that is not where she and Michelle first met each other. They first became
friends in secondary school in Liverpool, and have kept in touch since.

The protagonist of the story, Evangeline, is an elderly homeless lady from Trinidad.
The play is written from her perspective, in a poetic Trinidadian vernacular, and partly
inspired by a real homeless lady that Michelle came across in her travels in London.

"I wondered, where were her family, what happened to her loved ones? This play
explores how she ended up in that situation. I can't imagine what it's like to not have a home,
somewhere safe to live. Everyone has a right to a home."