On March 3rd 2015, Brunel Drama Society reached a momentous milestone: it became funny. We held our first collaboration workshop with the Comedy Society right here at Brunel, but that's not so important. I joke, I joke, because ever since March the 3rd, I've become hilarious.

This was notably the first Drama Society workshop guest-led by another society, and my God was it beautiful. With students Andreas Paspatis, Yannick Vogel, and Jonny Knight at the comedy helm, Drama Society members were able to, in some cases, try out stand-up for the first time without feeling self-conscious in front of a 'professional' (soz, guys. There's a compliment in there somewhere). With this beneficial element (see, I'm portraying your amateur status as a good thing) members comfortably did something entirely new – and everyone was amazing!

The workshop consisted of two main exercises: introductions, and lengthy talking of a subject. Now introductions wouldn't have been a main exercise, however 'telling a fact about yourself' turned steadily into 'tell us a full-blown stand up story'. And thus I learnt how one member of Drama nearly died down a well.features - make brunel funny - becky collins - credit idk

The second part of the workshop was where members really had a chance to try  stand-up properly. Of numerous subjects chosen by each comedian in turn, the audience would pick their favourite - or what sounded most interesting – and the comedian would have to talk about that subject for five minutes. Obviously some subjects went better than others (my 'disappointing pets' subject simply turned into listing the circumstances in which my childhoodpets died), but I can say with absolute certainty that everyone smashed it. It was definitely a memorable guest-led workshop!

After many rounds of applause and laughter stitches, the comedy society invited us to get involved with their 'Comic Relief – Open Mic Night' on March 12th. Lovely in itself, three Drama Society members then jumped at the chance and participated in the night, while several other members sat in the audience. Needless to say they did very, very well; Sunny Maremanda, Secretary of Drama Society was voted as the favourite from the audience and entered into a stand-up national competition – the prize being a spot at Edinburgh Fringe!

So once again, many thanks to the Comedy Society for giving Drama Society a workshop and the opportunities that followed. We should do it again sometime!

If any other society wants to get involved with collaborations, Drama Society is absolutely interested! And even if Drama's not your thing, as shocking as that is, I still urge you to organise a collaboration with another society. Any society. It's pretty damn awesome.