It felt it was to be a glorious day, warm weather, no rain and then Grech trying to assert himself as captain of twos. What a nightmare it turned out to be! Pinching of the twos star defenseman and captain none other than our own Josh Haddow left a hole in the team. Followed with a poor turnout from many sturdy household names such a Choi, Guy and token Frenchman Jeffery left our team shorthanded. None other than the well-connected Charlie Dixon could save our bacon and find us a spare keeper on the fly for the game.

Off we bumbled to Chichester University to face what looked like a strong team of burly men with a plethora of subs. Alas; this was not meant to be. Wave after wave of Chichester attack yielded no goals to the impeccable defence headed by the agile Joe Lodge and athletic Phil Boobbyer. A mention to our freshly drafted keeper Sam for his sterling performance after an extensive period of time being off a hockey pitch. Half time arrived to everyone’s relief. The team was visibly exhausted but in high spirits for holding off Chichester with such few players. Skittles were shared, inspirational speeches heard and off to the second half we went. Less than a minute into the half, a well-made shot from Louis rebounded into the hands of recently promoted Grech, flicking it over the keeper to score the team’s first goal. Unbelievable! We were 1-0 up, and Grech scored. There must be some hope we can win this! Victory could be on the cards.

All was well until an arguably questionable yellow card was dished out to defensemen Alessandro Cristofoli. Clearly 5 metres away from a foul and tackled the ball inside the D, the referee declared a short corner. An angered Ale on a rare occasion spoke out of the offence after yet another short corner and was rewarded with his first yellow of the season. Now two men down, the short corner was played. A goal was conceded. It became 1-1. Not even freshly drafted Sam could keep so many short corners at bay. Play continued and then another goal was conceded. Even with our technically incredible players we were clearly suffering at everyone’s best friend: fitness. The drone of a whistle called the game at 2-1. An unfortunate loss with outstanding performances all round! Big shout out to the midfield players: Sasha, Louis and Charlie for their relentless energy considering the circumstances. Also big shout out to defenseman Alex and striker Ben for their contributions.

FINAL SCORE: 2-1 Chichester