Kat Clementine

Brunel students are being encouraged to take part in this year’s Mayor of London Low Carbon Entrepreneur Awards 2015.

The competition is open to London students and recent graduates with an idea to reduce London’s energy use and carbon emissions.

Last year’s top categories from Brunel were transport in the city and energy efficiency.

Katherine Eames, Senior Project Officer at City Hall was pleased to see the rise in entries from Brunel and hopes it continues.

She said: “There was a massive jump in applications last year which was really nice to see. Enterprise is obviously taking off at Brunel!

Ms Eames had tips for any students hoping to win this year:

“The best ideas that come in are when students have spotted something in own their own lives, whether that be where they live or their hobbies, and come up with an idea of how it can be done better. Those are the ones that really work because the solutions have been designed by someone who came across that problem themselves.”

Paul Ouro, an MBA student, is entering his housing website ‘Stars Key and Hutch’ into the competition.

He said: “We’d like to promote the good, energy efficient landlords who adhere to the legislations and consider these energy constraints when they let their houses and advertise their houses.”

With new laws soon to be introduced on energy efficient housing, Ms Eames though it would be a positive if Brunel could contribute in any way.

She said: “There’s been a lot of work that’s gone into it from City Hall as well being involved in the consultation phases. From my personal experiences student houses are always so cold! I’ve never lived in a warm one!

MBA General Management student Rajan Dua received a certificate from Boris Johnson in recognition for his work as Low Carbon Entrepreneur Ambassador 2014.

He said: “I felt happy, excited and proud as we had second highest number of participants from Brunel last year”

Brunel’s participation in the competition rocketed from just one entry in 2013 to 19 in 2014.

Mr Dua thinks it’s a great opportunity for students and will enter again this year.

He added: “The journey in itself is very rewarding and you get to learn a lot as a participant. So there is nothing to lose! It just takes an initiative and bright idea to change lives of individuals and society as a whole so I would definitely encourage all to participate.”

Winners receive a £20K seed fund for their idea and help and advice from City Hall to set up their business.

The eight entry categories are:

  1. Product design
  2. Transport In the city
  3. Materials/reuse and recycling/circular economies
  4. Behaviour change/networking
  5. Energy efficiency/capture/generation
  6. Food/food waste
  7. Water management
  8. Other – any other idea to help create a sustainable future for London!

The final deadline for submissions is the 19th February, then entries are judged before a panel of 10 judges.