Nic and Sam Chapman (AKA The Pixiwoo Sisters) are two of the UK’s top beauty bloggers and makeup artists. If you haven’t heard of these incredible ladies - where have you been? In addition to their YouTube videos, in which they showcase their tricks of the trade, they run a make-up course at their studio in Norwich, have their own line of affordable make-up brushes called Real Techniques and they are freelance make-up artists. And they still have time to sit down and do an interview with me. Busy Bees!

The girls have just launched their newest project; a Real Techniques premium brush line called The Bold Metals Collection, which can be found in Boots stores. The Bold Metals are a premium version of their original line, being softer and made of better quality materials, and are therefore a little more expensive. They are slightly weighted to give you ultimate control when applying your make-up and the handles are diamond shaped to stop them from rolling away when they are put down. Doesn’t it sound like they’ve thought of everything?

They come in seven different brush types and three colours: Gold for the face, Silver for the eyes and Rose Gold for the finish.

Nic’s favourite product from the new collection is the 101 Triangle Foundation Brush, “as it allows you to use the different sides for different purposes, one side to apply foundation, the other for cream blush and the third side to buff,” whereas Sam’s is the 301 Flat Contour Brush. She says “It gives the perfect firm contour with precision application.”

The sisters started their YouTube journey in 2008 when Sam was asked by a friend over email how to do a smoky eye. Instead of typing a response, Sam recorded a video of herself applying a smoky eye with her own make-up and uploaded the video to YouTube for her friend to watch. Other YouTube users then found it and started encouraging her to make more videos showing how to do different make-up looks. Sam asked her younger sister Nic to help her and the rest is history!

Pixiwoo have been make-up artists for over a decade. When asked about why they pursued this career they mentioned their aunt, Maggie Hunt, a make-up artist who regularly works with celebrities, as their main inspiration. The sisters have now worked with celebrities themselves!

“Take That were all lovely,” they told me. “We have never experienced any celebrity divas luckily, but have experienced some Bridezillas in our time!” Pixiwoo also mention drag make-up as being “the most challenging, but also the most fun.” They couldn’t think of a dream celebrity to give a make-over to, but mentioned that there was quite a few they’d like to ‘make-under’. I’m sure we can think of a few too!

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The sisters are such an inspiring pair because of how normal and down to earth they are. Despite making a living from their use of make-up, they often go make-up free on camera prior to giving a demonstration. “People take comfort from that because they see the imperfections disappear as you go through the video” said Sam. Pixiwoo show what anyone can do with make-up and they engage with their viewers in a way that really connects with them in a personal way. “It’s real people putting real make-up on. It’s not something you aspire to be, it’s something you can be,” says Nic.

Anyone who watches Pixiwoo wants to know their favourite products, so I asked the girls what their five desert island make-up products would be.

Nic’s were Estee Lauder EE Cream, Eyeko Brow Gel, Bobbi Brown Bronzer, Laura Mercier Gel Liner and Clarins Tinted Lip Perfector.

Sam’s were Estee Lauder EE Cream, Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow, Kiko Cream eyeshadow sticks, Hourglass Lipstick in Icon, and Extended Play Mascara.

When asked for their ultimate product, there was much deliberation. In the end Nic chose the Clarins Tinted Lip Perfector while Sam went with the eyes and said Kiko Cream sticks.

“Eyes are my favourite to do because you can quickly wash over a cream eyeshadow in black to create a smoky eye” said Sam. Though for Nic, it is all about the skin, telling OK magazine that well moisturized skin is the key to looking and feeling your best. She told me “If you can get the skin right, then everything else just works.”

There’s no doubt some of these products will quickly go out of stock when their viewers find out!

When I asked the sisters about their next project, they said they weren’t able to talk about it at this stage, but assured me that the ‘exciting project’ was coming up in the next few months, so we know something good is around the corner!

Look out for more Pixiwoo videos by going to their YouTube Channel.