Last month, Michael Darlow - the Vice President of Student Activities - sent an email to the union's sports clubs following an official complaint about a group of Brunel Students causing disturbance on a Wednesday night.

The complaint fell on a night when many clubs were participating in initiations, during Freshers'.

The Union of Brunel Students responded with this post on their website:

Union post

A follow-up email was the sent on the 9th October stated the following:

The Union has found it necessary to investigate a serious complaint submitted by a local resident, following serious anti-social behaviour and criminal damage on Wednesday, 23rd September- on Whitehall Road.

At this stage in the investigations, we are able to confidently impose a suspension on Mens Football, pending the final outcome of the investigation.

The club was given a four week ban on games and a two week ban on training.

However, after an appeal the ban has been reduced on the condition that they pay full reparations within the next two weeks. The ban now stands at two weeks for the team and 6 weeks for the committee.

When Le Nurb contacted the UBS regarding the ban, VPSA Michael Darlow had this to say:

The Union takes anti-social behaviour very seriously and this has been evident in our suspension of the Men’s Football team. It is important for sports clubs and societies to remember they are all representatives of the Union and should act accordingly. Decisions like these are not ones the Officer team wants to take, however, we were left with no alternative. All future cases of misconduct and/or anti-social behaviour will be dealt with in the same fashion.

(UPDATED) Sean O'Rourke, chair of the Men's Football Club, responded to Le Nurb's request for a statement with the following:

We apologise, on behalf of all involved, to the residents affected by the incident. As a club we would like to move on and we approach the new season with excitement despite the circumstances.

To see the union post - click here.