Sophie Bredbere

On a cold, misty and windy on the isolated field of Site 5 at 11am, Men's Third Football kicked off. It was a rather slow game to begin with, characterised by mainly St. Mary's students cheering on their men's third and a few Brunel students. However, twenty minutes in, St. Mary's number 14 scored “a biscuit of a goal” (as said by Oli Carson) – first blood was drawn and the away students got even more vocal.

Near the end of half time, there was a nosebleed on St. Mary's side and another goal to them put them at 2-0. The wind had been against Brunel during the first half, but there was positivity for the second half as the wind would be on their side for the latter half of the game. The second half of the game was an improvement – there was more defense from Brunel's side. Ten minutes into the second half, Brunel scored, making the score 2-1 to St. Mary's. A free kick for Brunel nearly gave them another point to make it even but unfortunately St. Mary's scored one final goal. In the end it was 3-1 to St. Mary's for the Men's Third Football, which gave way to a lot of celebrating on their side.