The West London Varsity drew to an epic conclusion last week when the contest for the trophy came down to the last match of the day – the Men’s Football Firsts on the Athletics track. Brunel were one point ahead overall which meant Men’s Football needed to win or draw their match in order to win the trophy back after a devastating loss away on St Mary’s campus last year. A loss would mean a draw overall and, as last year’s winners, St Mary’s would retain the trophy.

St Mary’s led the way as the match opened, scoring first with Brunel quickly equalising. The match continued much in this way with Brunel equalising every time St Mary’s drew ahead. In the final five minutes of the game the score was 3 – 3 and tension was building amongst the crowd as it looked like St Mary’s were about to score again.

In the final nail-biting moments of the match final year Computer Science student Mohammed Hassan secured the lead with a spectacular goal that sent the crowd into uproar, inciting a pitch invasion as Hassan secured without doubt the win for the match and the Varsity title.
Unaware of the outcomes of the other matches playing at the same time as the football – Netball had lost and Basketball had won – Moh did not immediately register that he had just scored the goal that secured Varsity for Brunel.

He tells Le Nurb:

Honestly it actually didn't register at first until the pitch invasion and I just thought ‘what a good way to leave Brunel'

Moh, 21, has been playing football with Brunel for two years and his goal has been immortalised on the internet by videos taken from spectators on the day. Congratulations have poured from across campus to Moh on social media, and many have labelled him a ‘legend’ and a ‘hero’. This year’s Varsity – and Moh’s last minute goal – are sure to go down in history as some of the most tense sporting moments at Brunel in living memory.
Moh adds; “The atmosphere was just crazy, everyone celebrating and happy through the next day.”

The goal was even more special for Moh as it was his last ever match with Brunel AFC before he graduates in July; “Everyone's been happy for me since it’s my last game for Brunel and scored probably the most important goal playing for Brunel. Just wanna thank the team for that moment really, without them it couldn't have happened and I hope next year Brunel put the Simmies in their place yet again.”