The charity Mind has launched ‘Emoodji’, a free mobile app designed to help students to cope with the ups and downs of university life.

The app has been developed closely with students and aims to tackle the multiple pressures they face, including the fear of admitting that they are struggling and having difficulty in accessing support services.

‘Emoodjis’, are selfies or photos with an emoji applied onto them to reflect your mood. Rather than sharing with everyone, you only send emoodjis to people you trust, keeping a private environment that allows people to express both their highs and lows.  Over time Emoodji also acts as a mood tracker, helping students see how it has fluctuated based on whether the emojis they have chosen have been positive or negative.

Mind identified that the social pressure of Facebook and other social networking sites were having a big impact on student wellbeing, creating a stressful environment. Research conducted showed that over half of students don’t feel comfortable admitting they’re struggling to cope.

It is estimated that student counselling services are facing an annual rise in demand of about 10% (Samaritans ‘Talk to Us’ survey, 2015), suggesting that ever-increasing numbers of students are in need of support. To address this gap in services, the app also provides tips on how to cope with the most challenging aspects of student life, including money problems, exam stress, homesickness and low mood.

Emoodji is free to download and can be found on both the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store, as well as .