Lauren Shiel - Communications Officer

MA alumna from Brunel has been named a finalist for the Education UK
Alumni Awards. They have been selected from 400 nominees out of 70 universities
across the country.

Elizabeth Cawein is one of three finalists in the USA Entrepreneurial Award category;
for innovative new business opportunities with strong growth prospects. The other two
finalists are American students from Oxford and Cambridge Universities. Run by the British
Council, the alumni awards exist to celebrate the international student presence from China,
India and the USA in Britain.

Completing her MA in Contemporary Music at Brunel in 2008, Elizabeth returned to
Memphis, Tennessee, USA, and founded Signal Flow PR in 2011 after discovering her
passion for music publicity while working for the Memphis Music Foundation. Her BA in
Journalism supplied her with the writing skills, while her MA gave her the knowledge needed
to develop a Music PR business.

Elizabeth's business aims to support and generate publicity for grassroots music talent
to get their music heard by fans and industry professionals. She also aspires to provide an
affordable PR, marketing and digital media service. Around half of her clients are
independent musicians and half are businesses including non-profit music and venues. She
truly gives back to the community by nurturing fledgling musicians at the outset of their

Elizabeth commented: "This is fantastic news and such a surprise for me. My initial
decision to study in the UK was because I could not study for a Masters in music in the USA,
as although I'd been a musician most of my life, I had no degrees or qualifications in music.”

“In the UK and at Brunel though, I was able to prove I was qualified to undertake the
course. Studying in the UK made the pursuit of a dream possible. Years later another dream
came true and I launched my own business, something I never would've done if not for my
time at Brunel.”

It was twofold: I'd moved thousands of miles away from home and my course at
Brunel was immensely challenging: highly independent and self-guided, it required both
tremendous discipline and creativity. I was accustomed to spending the bulk of my time in a
classroom, and was surprised to come into an educational environment where some of my
classes met only fortnightly. In the intervening time, it was up to me to read, synthesize,
analyse, and learn - that experience is nothing if not entrepreneurial."

Vicky Phillips, Alumni Officer for Brunel and the individual that nominated Elizabeth
stated: “We have watched the growth of Elizabeth's business with interest – she has done
brilliantly well in such a short time. She has also taught Music Marketing to young people at
the Stax Music Academy and served as an Adjunct Professor at the Visible Music College,
sharing her experiences and expertise gained from her studies and work.”

"She has now grown her company, hiring staff and giving invaluable work experience
to an intern every semester. To date she has given experience to around 10 interns, who have
gone on to work within public relations or the music industry, or are pursuing further study in
the field. We believe she personifies the entrepreneur and fully deserves this award."