First year is definitely one of the highlights of university life - from moving out of home, to meeting the people whom you’ll spend the next three years with, it is somehow both exhilarating and terrifying. To get you through the crazy, wild and wonderful emotional rollercoaster that is Fresher’s and the months to follow, here are a few albums, old and new, for every mood you may have in the next year:

Excited? Listen to Chance the Rapper’s Coloring Book

Chance the Rapper’s highly anticipated third album was an instant hit as soon as it was released, and it’s easy to see why. Chance’s album celebrates individuality while being infectiously optimistic, and even though he makes it intensely personal, you’ll have no problems (pun unapologetically intended) relating to his sentiment. Songs like All Night and Angels are not just perfect to listen to before your first nights out, but also to get you pumped about life at uni.

Heading out? Listen to Drake’s Views

If you’re getting ready for a long night out and need something to help get in the mood, look no further than Drake’s latest album. Tracks like One Dance and Too Good are all over the radio, and will get you dancing long before you’ve hit the club. They aren’t the only bangers on the record- With You featuring PARTYNEXTDOOR has a beat you won’t be able to get out of your head, while Controlla and Child’s Play are failsafe tracks to keep you moving.

Homesick? Listen to The Head and The Heart’s Let’s Be Still 

It is completely normal to experience a little sadness when moving into university, even if you know you’ll still be in touch with your friends and family back home. Let’s Be Still is an indie-folk album that explores nostalgia in-depth, and is perfect for when you want to reminisce. As the lyrics of the drum-heavy and catchy Shake go, ‘the memories we’ve made/ Will never be lost’. Some other songs you shouldn’t miss are the eponymous Let’s Be Still, and Another Story.

Tired? Listen to Shura’s Nothing’s Real 

Shura’s debut album has a dreamy 80’s style synth-pop sound that is perfect for unwinding after a week jam-packed with hustle and bustle. Whether it’s the more energetic What’s It Going to Be? or the soft beats of White Light, the album is perfect if you want to be able to recharge without getting too bored. Her chart-breaking single 2Shy includes the lyric ‘Walking home down the Uxbridge road’- which you’ll be guaranteed to replay cheesily every time you pass town.