Lauren Shiel

Found an issue with a PC? Text it to us! The Computer Centre has been
working hard to come up with a more efficient way to handle problem reports
for students, and we believe we have one that will help you as quickly as

Earlier this month, we started using a new method for students to report faulty
machines to the Computer Centre. At the moment the new system is only available
on the machines in the Bannerman ground floor area, but if it is proven successful, it
will be available on all of our work area machines around the campus within the year.

The system is very simple and much quicker than before. All of the computers
in the Bannerman Centre ground floor area have a newly visible attached sticker. On
this sticker is a unique identifier (hostname) which we use to identify and locate
each PC, and as well as this you will find a mobile number which can be sent
information through text and picture message technology. The mobile number is
07468 312089.

This system works alongside our already developed and active methods of
contact such as email and visits to the User
Support desk located in Bannerman Centre, ground floor.

Here is an example of the sticker:

NEWS- Computer fault reporting system_CREDIT_Lauren Shiel

If you find the machine faulty in any way, please send a small description or picture of the fault in question along with the hostname information to the mobile number and we will log and respond to the fault as quickly as possible.

Correct reporting examples: