social areaOn Tuesday 22nd September, Yousef Mohamed the Vice President of the College of Business, Art and Social Sciences, will open a new social space on campus.

Located at the back of Social Kitchen, near the windows that overlook the quad, this new area is for students who wish to relax and socialise without feeling the need to buy anything.

Mr Mohamed, who posted the news of his VP Facebook account, said:

"For years the Students’ Union has been asked by our members to open a new social space on campus. Today we deliver. During the last 3 months I have worked hard with the University to build a brand new Free, non-alcoholic social space with a live BT sport and a milkshake and smoothie bar.

Every student can enjoy the facilities free of charge as a social or revision space.

I hope this achievement proves our commitment to keeping our promises."

When Le Nurb contacted the Union, President Ali Milani had this to say:

"The Students' Union has in the last few years been consistently asked about a new social space on campus. That is why I am so pleased Yousef has been able to get this win.

This is a really exciting new development and another promise kept."

The grand opening will start at 3pm and offers 25 free milkshakes to those first to arrive.

Look out for further coverage of this event at the opening on Tuesday and let us know how you feel the new officers have been doing so far.