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The New Wimbledon Theatre is a quaint, traditional theatre which opened in 1910. It hosts a plethora of shows for audiences of all ages – including Peppa Pig, Cats, Avenue Q, Top Hat, a christmas pantomime (this year is Aladdin) and a range of operas.

Aside from the show I saw (Cats) and the range of other shows which the theatre showcases, I was impressed by a number of other elements. For one thing, I found that all the seats offered a good view, from the upper circle, there was only a very small part of the stage that I couldn't see, but, for me at least, it didn't detract from my enjoyment of the show. The seats were generally comfortable, including there being just enough leg room. (I'm 5'7” and while I had enough room, someone a few inches taller might find their knees pressed into the seat in front.)

In addition to this, they offer student discount! That's right – you didn't imagine it, students receive a discount in the upper circles, which is a nice little added extra, and maybe worth having slightly squashed knees.

On top of that, it's actually cheaper to get to than central London, costing around £2.80 on a student Oyster, whereas central costs around £3.20 (off-peak). Granted, there are a couple more changes getting there but honestly, they're not difficult changes, and you have the added bonus of it not being completely packed at rush hour – we didn't get seats, but we weren't exactly pressed into someone else's armpit, and we could easily have a conversation without having to yell at each other.

Overall, I'd recommend the New Wimbledon Theatre if you're someone who enjoys the theatre but doesn't necessarily enjoy some of the higher prices of central London venues. There is also a wide range of restaurants and shops in the area, so you could always make a day of it.

Something else to bear in mind when planning theatre trips – some of the London theatres do tickets for £5 if you arrive before 10am and prove that you are between the ages of 16 and 25. It is worth checking this with the theatre beforehand, however, as I'm not sure how widespread this is – you don't want to be in the morning rush hour for no reason after all...

Enjoy the show!