Today independent Brunel University London elections blog Threshold reported that four rumored UBS Elections nominees were filming a parody of YMCA on the Quad for their joint elections campaign.

Over the years Brunel has seem some pretty awful campaign videos, from the funny to the downright humiliating. Le Nurb has put together the best of them here for your viewing pleasure. Maybe some of this year's candidates will learn a few tricks from these behemoths.

There's still time to nominate yourself in this year's UBS Spring Elections.


Do not make up a song

Malcolm Heyes | VP Student Activities | 2010

Did he win? No

Why it's bad: Aside from being distracted by the caterpillar growing on Malcolm's upper lip, the sound quality of this vid makes it extremely hard to fillow what Malcolm is saying here. Also, the first rule of songwriting is not to obscure meaning by forcing the rhyme. EG: "If you want to make it better, then just put this letter next to my name". Except it's a number, mate. Now your voters think you can't read.

Martin Zaranyika | President | 2013

Did he win? Yes

Why it's bad: It's not actually too bad, but the song which proclaims Martin as "Young JFK" is a little self-indulgent. However, I'm a HUGE fan of Martin's rap / spoken word bit at the beginning. Who knew he had such hidden talents?! Shame he didn't film himself lip-syncing this in front of some video hunnies on the concourse.


Don't record your sound using a potato

Peter Smallwood | VP Academic Representation | 2012

Did he win? Yes

Why it's bad: I can see that Peter Smallwood is making some really fantastic points here about sorting out those computers and signing his petition, but I can't concentrate over the gammy humming of his camera phone.

Okiem Warmann | President | 2007

Did he win? No

Why it's bad: I kind of want to let Oak off because it is 2007 and this looks like it was filmed on a Motorola Razer. But the dodgy piano track - which I initially thought was an inconsiderate flatmate - is a conscious decision made by Oak or whoever edited this. It totally detracts from what he's actually saying. Also how cute is it that he's made his campaign poster his desktop background!

Yaseer Bhatti | President | 2013

Did he win? No

Why it's bad: Not recorded with poor quality equipment, but someone hasn't sorted out the sounds levels on this before it's been uploaded, and that coupled with the weird backing track makes it a cacophony of noise with no real substance.  Also, the black and white sequence around 1:00 in. "What do you want from your campaign video?" "I'd like a cheesy color change and a voice over recorded from the floor of the pond, please."

Don't say nothing

Tarah | VP Student Activities | 2013

Did she win? No

Why it's bad: "Vote for Tarah because she plans to make everything better for everyone." But, how? HOW?!?!

Elliott O'Brart | VP Academic Representation | 2013

Did he win? No

Why it's bad: It's really great that all of your attractive Theatre Studies friends know how to say the words that you told them to into a camera. But where are your policies? Your manifesto pledges? Come ON!

Don't make an obscure pop culture reference

Kirsty Capes | Media Association Chair | 2014

Did she win? Yes

Why it's bad: At a guess, only about 10% of the Brunel University student population will have seen Napoleon Dynamite and will understand what this dance is imitating (if you don't - see here). As a result this video comes off weird and slightly disturbing. That girl needs to have a lie down.

Bonus: DO make a non-obscure pop culture reference


Viorel Vlad | President | 2012

Do he win? No (and it's a fucking tragedy)

Why it's bad: It's not. It's exactly the right amount of cheese, bad editing/lip-syncing/singing, and the song is terribly fantastic. No wonder Viorel Vlad has gone down as the best Presidential candidate in living history. It's a travesty that he didn't win #TeamVTilIDie.

So, what have we learned? Mostly, that if you're thinking of making an elections video, don't. Unless to have amazing equipment, an original and creative idea, and a good singing voice. Judging by the number of candidates on this list who made a video but didn't get elected, it seems that a campaign video might just be a kiss of death. 

And if it doesn't all work out, don't worry - you can always make an absolutely brilliant outtakes video! Team V Forever!