The General Election next year is incredibly important for university students. Many of us are beginning careers, and whoever is elected has a duty to ensure our efforts of studying are not wasted so it's not surprising our student union have been actively campaigning to encourage all students to vote for this issue. Despite our efforts, Hillingdon Council have overturned our proposal to open a polling station on campus and have given only vague explanations for this decision.

Following a polling review conducted by Hillingdon Council, it was decided that extra polling stations are unnecessary as student electoral registration is low. Many students refuse to vote as they feel their opinions are ignored, and that our political system has been unfair to higher education, particularly in the last few years. But instead of trying to increase student participation, the council have removed the closest polling station which will have a negative effect on student electoral participation.

The lack of effort made to increase student vote is unfair, this is not about petty politics, it is about increasing electoral participation. The local council have not attempted to co-operate with the university, to compromise on a decision. Cabinet members feel it is not “worth” putting polling stations on campus as student votes may remain low either way. Our government fail to realise that our votes will contribute to improving the politics in our country. We are all contributing members of society who deserve the right to vote.

The union have continued to encourage all students to express their views on this issue, and there has been some success. Hillingdon Council have decided to reconsider this motion in January 2015. The student union will have a stall on Tuesday 2nd December to register student’s votes and sign the petition. All students who vote will be entered into a prize draw to win £50 voucher for INTU Uxbridge, Locos, global and even more! Protect your vote and #VOTEYES for polling stations on campus.


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