Victoria Sanusi

Student loans of up to £10,000 a year will be offered to postgraduates students for
the first time ever, George Osborne has announced.

People under 30 pursuing a master’s degree will be able to apply for finical aid from
academic year 2016/17 onwards.

The announcement was made during his Autumn Statement in which he outlined the
state of the economy and his fiscal plans ahead of next year.

But there has been a backlash from current postgraduate students:
Post-Graduate Education and Development student, Lola Faith, 22, said: “So many of
us are putting ourselves in debt and could do with a student loan as opposed to one from
the bank or parents' money.

“It's unfair, I guess the argument is we chose to do masters so why get a government
loan, but you could argue the same thing for undergraduates. Osborne. A little too late.”

Post-Graduate Journalism student, Amita Joshi, 22 said: “I saved up nearly two years
for the MA and so for me it feels like it's all been for nothing.

“Having the loan could have been such a burden off many of our minds and
potentially changed the course of our career as I could have done the MA sooner.
“I'm very happy it's been introduced but I equally think this should have happened a
long time ago. So many of us have been calling for it and it should not have taken this long
for Osborne to stand up and notice.”