Rebecca Ferguson has been described as one of the most ‘credible’ singers to come out of reality TV alongside Leona Lewis. After impressing the judges with a powerful rendition of 'change is gonna come', she came second in the talent show in the 2010 series. This is her third album, her previous albums are Heaven and Freedom, both of which I would highly recommend. She is part of a rare breed of female singers who have beautifully soulful voices but yet are successful in the mainstream without losing touch of their original sound. This new offering from Rebecca Ferguson is no different.

Lady Sings the Blues is a cover album of the jazz legend, Billie Holiday. The songs have been predominately taken from the album of the same name. Although Rebecca Ferguson lacks the soulful depth in her voice which made Billie Holiday a household name, this album is a more than valiant effort and does justice to the legend. This album was preceded with the lead single ‘get happy’ which, whilst it is an excellent song, it does not do the full album justice. The highlights from the album for me are ‘I'll never smile again’ and ‘my man’. Overall, this is an excellent effort and is a refreshing change from the usual over sexualised bubblegum pop which has dominated this generations music landscape.