Arthe Kandeepan

A study carried out by StuRents has found dizzying premium rates are being charged
for students renting in some of Britain’s major cities. Brunel students renting in the
London area however are one of several cities charging at significantly reduced rates
according to the study involving 25,572 student houses across the UK.

Despite being a notoriously expensive city to be renting in, Brunel students renting in London
are being charged proportionate rates. The study conducted by StuRents found that students
renting in Loughborough were the worst hit with premium rates reaching 36.1% more in
comparison to non-students-closely followed by Durham (31.84%) and Lincoln (27.61%). On
average London based students are being charged 32.4% less premium than non-students;
sharing similar figures to areas such as Reading, with reduced rates of 39.2%, Oxford at
32.6% and Brighton at 30.9%.

Findings reveal that savings are higher in the south of UK and particularly in more expensive
cities. In London the average rent charge per person per week has been indicated at £299.40
whilst the student rate is £202.40. However, up north in places such as Durham, the average
tenant rate is £71.42 with students being charged considerably more at £94.17.
Tom Walker, Co-Founder of had this to say about the findings:

“Analysis of StuRents' rental data has unveiled a new side to regional variances in the
student housing market, indicating that the crown for the most expensive city on a student
rental basis is by no means clear-cut.

The most fascinating outcome of StuRents’ in-house research is that the story of the most
expensive student towns, as defined by which towns have the highest average per-person-per-week rent, is incomplete. In towns and cities where the mainstream rental market suffers from upwards pressure as a result of a burgeoning demand from young professionals and out-of-reach house prices, the student rental sector seems to trade at a discount to the market average. Conversely, the general consensus in the northern half of England seems to be that students represent a more premium demographic, and rentalprices are adjusted upwards to accommodate this."

More expensive cities are having to adjust rent rates to accommodate students who are having to face rising tuition fees and extra expenses. Despite London having the highest rent rates, Brunel students renting in and around London are benefiting from higher discounts than most.