Calls to resign mount as NUS Vice President Richard Brooks found allegedly colluding with Israeli Lobby to remove President Malia Bouattia

Outraged sabbatical officers and students have taken to social media to call for NUS Vice President Richard Brooks to resign after a 6 month investigation uncovered Brooks’ alleged links with an Israeli Lobby and his work to remove NUS’s first Muslim President Malia Bouattia.

An undercover investigative reporter from Al Jazeera posed as the Chairman of Labour Friends of Israel and was introduced to Brooks by Shai Masot - a figure linked with the Israeli Embassy and the very man who was found to be plotting to take down UK MPs and infiltrate the Labour party earlier this week.

The reporter known as ‘Robin’ filmed Brooks confessing to accepting undeclared trips to Israel funded by The Union of Jewish Students - who have actively worked against the President since her election in April 2016. In the same conversation he boasted of his key role in attempts to remove Bouattia and admitted to setting up a faction to oppose her.


When asked “How can we get in touch with the people who are trying to oppose [Malia]?” Brooks responded “drop me a line whenever you want to have a conversation…I’ll point you at the right people.”

Brunel’s Student President Ali Milani, who also sits on NUS National Executive Committee (NEC), told Le Nurb:

"I am genuinely shocked and appalled by these reports. Many of us have political differences in the NUS. It's natural and healthy. But to organise in deep dark rooms rather than the democratic channels and to collude with figures linked to foreign governments against your own President; that's beyond what I thought anyone in our movement was capable of."

Students and officers across the UK have responded with calls for Brooks to resign, with some calling out his ‘hostile’ behaviour and others stating that this is just ‘too far’.

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Many have questioned how Brooks could undermine democracy in such a 'disgraceful' and 'disgusting' way, even using his #LoveSUs campaign slogan against him.

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NUS Women's Officer Hareem Ghani ended the conversation by pointing out the abuse Bouattia has received since being elected, leading to multiple hospitalisations, and calling the whole situation 'unreal'.

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'The Lobby' documentary featuring the footage will be aired in a four part series online here.

This story will be updated as further information is released.