Melissa Lane’s introduction to Greek and Roman Political Ideas guides the reader through 8 key Political ideas, including Democracy, Citizenship and republic. Lane approaches this in a broadly chronological manner, giving an introduction to these ideas which is clear and easy to read, while avoiding patronizing the reader. Each chapter is broken down into bite size sections of a few pages long, each of which address key questions, definitions or thinkers. A rather lovely feature of this text is the inclusion of maps and timelines, which allow the reader to visualize the ideas with which they are presented.

The book is informative and covers a wide range of ideas and thinkers- it is perfect for someone who wants an initial insight or basic overview of these ideas. Although, due to the wide scope covered by the text it does occasionally suffer from over-simplification; where I was faced with ideas that I had come across before I did sometimes feel that Lane’s descriptions were overly basic. However, as a text that presents itself as an introduction to these ideas it serves its purpose perfectly, giving a strong overview of Greek and Roman Political ideas.