rugby union varsity report CREDIT ADAM WHITE 2
Adam White
On West London Varsity Wednesday one of the most hotly anticipated fixtures, the Men’s Rugby Union, kicked off at 5pm at the brand new Cemetery Pitches on Kingston Lane.

The opening 10 minutes saw Brunel kicking off to the stronger start, forcing their opponents to make errors. Tom Dunn capitalised with two successful penalty kicks and the score shot to 6-0 to Brunel.

St. Mary’s started to get their act together however, and within 10 minutes were awarded a penalty just inside Brunel’s half, pushing the score up to 6-3 Brunel. St. Mary’s continued to surge against our defense scoring the first of two trys within minutes of the penalty.

With a successful conversion by their scrum half the score went to Brunel 6 St. Mary’s 10. Brunel did not let this set back worry them however; with the team working together to press hard at the St. Mary’s defense, rewarded at the 20 minute mark with a wonderful forwards try, John Elvin claiming the points.

A successful conversion by Dunn took the score to 13 – 10 to Brunel, Brunel reclaiming the lead. A penalty on the edge of half time allowed Dunn to once again put points on the board, taking Brunel into a half time lead of 16 – 10.

St. Mary’s started the second half quickly forcing an error to be made by Brunel, but they were unable to make use of this with their scrum half missing the awarded penalty.

10 minutes later however, St. Mary’s, continuing to pressure Brunel’s defense, scored their second try of the match. The St. Mary’s kicker was unable to convert his kick at goal so scoring stayed at 16 – 15 to Brunel. Brunel responded straight away forcing an error within the St. Mary’s half, with Dunn converting to take the lead to 19 – 15 to Brunel.

Another penalty was awarded 10 minutes later but this would be Dunn’s one miss of the game. Brunel continued to show an excellent amount of attacking rigor, pressing St. Mary’s both in attack and defense.

At one point a Brunel Winger charged at the Simmie who had caught the ball in his own try area, bundling him over his own dead ball line like a sack of potatoes, the winger having displayed a rapid gear change that would rival the infamous YouTube sensation, Gary the Goat.

The final 10 minutes of the match saw the referee award Brunel another penalty, which with Dunn’s fine right boot, took the scoring to 22-15 in favour of Brunel.
The game continued for the final 5 to 10 minutes with the same intensity until the ref blew the whistle, indicating Brunel had won the match, with a final score of 22-15.

There was a pitch invasion by the adoring Brunel crowd, who then swiftly moved over to the Football pitch to witness the wonder goal that won varsity.