Made up of Jack Sedman on vocals and Harry Draper on guitar, Seafret is a musical duo that hails from a small town in Bridlington. The name - Seafret - is a pun on the guitar fretboard as well as a local term, used to describe rolling mists that come from the North Sea during the summer months.

Their debut EP ‘Give Me Something’ consists of five short tracks that never last longer than three minutes. Released in September, the EP has already drawn support from the likes of Zane Lowe and Huw Stephens at Radio One and it’s not hard to understand why. Seafret’s sound is both sophisticated and captivating.

Opening and title track, ‘Give Me Something’ is a gorgeous piece of melodious guitar and honest and emotional lyrics. Describing loss and despair, the song features Jack’s torturous with lines like “lost the way, lost all reason” and “give me something to hold onto, I’ve got nothing since I lost you.” ‘Give Me Something’ is a great introduction to the band’s raw and stirring music.

Subsequent song ‘Explosion’ departs from the acoustic sound of ‘Give Me Something’ and switches the tempo up a bit. Using a bass guitar and a simple drum beat, ‘Explosion’ tells a story of a character trying to convince his lover to be together. ‘Play With Guns’ strips the band’s sound down once more and allows Jack’s haunting vocals to take center stage. Only using a guitar and a piano melody, the song speaks about loss and playing with guns, as the title suggests. Lyrically, ‘Play With Guns’ is a stand-out track, asking the protagonist to not feel defeated or alone: “If you slip and slide, trip or fall, you’re not the only one”.

Organic ballad ‘Did We Miss This Morning’ brings a little light into the otherwise melancholic EP with Jack’s emotionally-drenched vocals describing his love for a girl. Seafret has a wonderful ability to portray love and adoration as well as they do with loss and heartbreak. An example of this is the line: “If nature is beauty, then she is the most natural thing, cause loving is high in the winter but it soars in the spring”. The EP ends with an acoustic version of the opening track and while not too different from the studio version; the moments of silences that creep in during the short pauses only seem to enhance the heart-wrenching narrative of the song.

While not musically-complex, Seafret’s debut EP ‘Give Me Something’ highlights that a heavily produced and multi-layered track is not equal to a great song. Playing to a sold out crowd at The Islington on Thursday November 27, Seafret is bound to grow and mesmerise audiences with their hauntingly beautiful songs, much as it has done for me.

4.25 / 5