Last term, during the weekend of F.A.C.E. week in May, a group of students worked with the estates management to audit a few University buildings and were treated to a pizza party by the Union for their efforts.  They learned how to audit the building, to measure how much energy can potentially be saved if people proactively turned off the lights and appliances not needed over the weekend.  This is the idea behind the Blackout campaign run by the National Union of Students (NUS) providing students a chance to know the direct impact their actions can have on improving energy usage on campus.

This year the campaign will continue and your participation will not only include a pizza party to commend your efforts but accredited volunteering hours and membership in the Environmental Working Group for your Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR).  If you want to hear more about the campaign and how to join the group, please find me at the Freshers Fayre at the Student Union stalls or send me an email at I have a facebook account to if you wish to contact me through there as well!

On the other hand, to all of you who love taking selfies or secretly capturing that one selfie of yourself in front of a cool background, we have the Snap it Off Campaign for you.  It is another NUS campaign and encourages students to use their phones, tablets, and cameras to take a picture of any lights left on, especially during the day time or after working hours like in the weekend.  Once you take the picture, all you will need to do is either text the photo to NUS at 07725 20 20 20 with your name, date and time when the photo was taken, and the place or upload it directly to their website with the same details at

I am working with the Union to actively promote this campaign we will be checking the website regularly for any new photos were uploaded for Brunel University and highlight those photos regularly and publically to ensure the university responds to the lighting issues as soon as possible.  This campaign was made to provide students with the platform to raise their opinions on their university’s management of resources as the current predicament students face is having blame placed on them for the excess use electricity, heating, and water when the reality is we are one community, one campus, and we need to hold everyone accountable. In this way we can encourage everyone to put their best foot forward!

So this year, go out there, whether during Freshers week or during the school year, if you see a light left on that is not meant to be left on during the day time or on the weekends, then take a selfie with it and send it to NUS.  Each picture sent is a step closer to improving the University’s energy usage this year.