Jessie Ware Say You Love Me Renegade media


Co-written with Ed Sheeran, in a 45 minute blast, this song, on initial hearing, is merely a regurgitation of any other forlorn love song.

“Baby, looks as though we’re running out of words to say…” belts Ware on the end line of the chorus; and yes, it does, but how many words does the human lexicon have for describing unrequited love in four minutes worth of song?!

Although Say You Love Me may appear to be the anaemic sibling of the relatively strong, melancholic title track from Ware’s latest album, Tough Love, it's somewhat of a ‘grower’.

After two or three listens, one can’t help but let their mind drift off to thoughts of a (recently) long lost loved one, powered by the evocative chords on the bass-laden chorus.

All in all, Ware’s single does its job (if its job is to provide the mass market with the familiarity of love-sick melancholy in standard pop song-structuring, like so many songs before it).