It’s been three years since Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds’ eponymously named debut album was welcomed with rave reviews. His split from Oasis lead to a massive amount of speculation on what his new material might sound like - would it be similar to before or would it be something completely new? Instead, a familiar sound was fleshed out, refined and expanded upon to make his first album a stellar performance that stood out in the Rock genre.

And after a long time of waiting, a new album mysteriously entitled Chasing Yesterday dawns on the horizon. And by horizon, I obviously mean March next year - an agonizing four-month wait after the debut of the first single, In The Heat Of The Moment, which was released on Monday 17th November.

There’s something incredibly satisfying about the techniques that Noel employs in his music. Here, there are melodies that stick in your head for days, relentless and unapologetically gruff guitar riffs that work in tandem with the bass to power the song forward, the crowd-pleasing belters in the vocals. There’s no deny that this was engineered from the ground up to be a bombastic stadium filler.


The lyrics don’t depart massively from his Oasis heydays. ‘In the heat of the moment when the thunder and lightning come, I know that you’ll be by my side’ is reminiscent of Noel’s former band’s 2008 single The Shock Of The Lightning. Similarly, the nasally ‘na na na's that pervade and complement the song will go down well with any fans of Noel’s earlier work.

Those who have been lucky to have bought tickets in the ten minutes it took before they sold out for his upcoming tour will be enthralled by his latest work, and it’s a good omen as to what we can expect for his next album that features collaborations with fellow Mancunian rock god and former Smith’s guitarist Johnny Marr.

The countdown to Chasing Yesterday begins today.