Any person around their 20’s today would have gone through a phase when Lindsay Lohan was just an absolute symbol of perfection. We all saw her as a child actress, growing into this beautiful woman whose acting was phenomenal. She was a multi talented individual who could even sing, with a certain style.

I too was once obsessed with her beautiful red hair and her strong presence on screen. I remember my sister having printed and pasted her pictures all over the walls of her bedroom. She was an idol for not just my sister and me but for all of our friends. We all would gather together to watch her movies over and over again until a new one was released. I still remember there came a time when the wait for her new movies became way too long and slowly and gradually news of Li Lo getting arrested for multiple reasons began to break, pictures of her on drugs began to surface. It seemed like everything in her world was spiraling downwards and everyone had begun to hate her for these very reasons.

Nevertheless, being a huge fan of Lindsay Lohan, I always had hope for her, that someday, she would rise from the ashes like a beautiful phoenix. This hope grew stronger when Oprah Winfrey became a producer for a reality show of Lindsay Lohan and tried to help out the lost soul. But rumor has it; it did not work out between them either.

Credit: Sarah Ackerman
Credit: Sarah Ackerman

Recently, Lindsay Lohan made her West End and stage debut in a play called “Speed-the-plow” at the Playhouse Theatre. Still holding on to the little hope I had left, I went to watch the play, which I hoped would reflect the strong individual Lindsay Lohan once was. Despite the shady location of the theatre and the terrible condition it was in from the inside, I still hoped that a star would shine again. To my disappointment, not only was Lindsay Lohan a disaster, she was a disaster amongst two other terrible actors. The play, although well written by David Mamet, was horribly delivered by a cast which was trying way too hard to impress the audience. Lindsay Lohan forgot quite a few lines, and in all honesty I do not think she said most of her lines right at all. For some odd reason Li-Lo said the word “Yes” about ten times in each dialogue. Her confidence? There was none.

These harsh realities hit me very hard. They made me wonder; why do we even idolise celebrities at all, when we know there is more than a 50% chance they will self destruct only in a matter of years? How come Lindsay Lohan could not find the ability to be just as glamorous as she was before? How helpless must she have been to have to come to a complete different country only to perform a terrible play at a run down theatre?

After the play ended, about 30 fans waited outside anxiously hoping to get an autograph or a picture of Lindsay Lohan. Sadly, she quietly sneaked into her car from the back door and sped away right in front of our eyes. It was a shame that we even bothered to hope that she would come and appreciate the few people who stood waiting for her. But then one wonders: would I, knowing I was once a big star and having just given a humiliating performance in a place like that, have faced my numbered fans? I think not.