Spiked magazine’s Free Speech University Rankings, which brought the scandal of campus censorship to the attention of the public, is now going on the road to celebrate the campaign’s 1st anniversary. Debates are to be held in Oxford, Bristol, Cambridge, Edinburgh, Manchester and several other locations.

Published on 2nd February, the rankings of Universities and their student unions showed that 80% of our universities censor student speech - this bans a myriad of topics, from unruly sports teams to certain songs - and enforced policies like no platform and BDS.

The Guardian, the BBC, Independent, Huffington Post, Telegraph, The Times and the Tab have all covered the story, allowing the readership to spread throughout the UK.

Le Nurb’s article, published in the last issue, covered Brunel’s ranking in which it was labelled ‘Hostile Environment for Free Speech.’ The story highlighted the union’s zero tolerance policy and the university’s restrictions on ‘distributing offensive posters, photos, jokes or e-mails.’

For more information about the debates visit: www.spiked-online.com/dwcc

To read the full university rankings, go to: www.spiked-online.com/fsur