Brunel offers a range of sports activities. To talk about them, here are the heads of each society.



Athletics Adam Varvel

Here at Brunel University we are extremely proud of our athletics heritage – our first international vest was earned at the London Olympics of 1948.

Being one of the biggest sports clubs on campus in terms of membership, there is a wide range of athletic disciplines for people of all abilities to become involved with.

There are fixtures throughout the academic year, ranging from the London Colleges Cross-Country League to the Brunel Indoor Jumps and Throws Festival to afford all club members an opportunity to compete in the Brunel University AC vest. BUCS Cross-Country, BUCS Indoor Athletics and BUCS Outdoors Athletics are the most prestigious competitions in the fixture calendar. We work together towards being successful at these championships and have excelled on numerous occasions in the recent past – including winning the Men’s and Women’s BUCS Indoor Athletics titles in 2009.

The Athletics Club is also a formidable force on the social scene with events being held throughout the year for our members. So come along to the one of our socials or training evenings and join one of the largest, friendliest and most successful clubs on campus.


Basketball Michael Darlow

The basketball community at Brunel is continually growing. With three men’s teams and a women’s team, as well as social basketball, there’s something for players of all capabilities - whether you want to play at a competitive level or just improve your skills. One of the biggest benefits to Basketball at Brunel is the social side, and with regular gatherings as well as the annual tour it’s a great way to meet new people and play basketball!


Cheerleading Wojciech Babiarczuk

Brunel Blizzards is a competitive cheerleading club, which comprises of two squads: Co-Ed Cheer and Pom Dance.  We are a close group of friends that work hard, not only for sporting achievement, but also to dispel myths that cheerleading is about short skirts and chants. Besides competing at regionals and nationals every year, we cheer for Team Brunel at Varsity.

Blizzards cater for all levels of experience – from beginners to professional gymnasts and cheerleaders, competing with all-star teams at world championships. We also welcome social members who can’t commit to all trainings and competitions. Why don’t you give cheer a go?


Climbing Dylan Brown

Have you ever fancied challenging yourself? Have you got a fear of heights? Want to make new friends now you've got to uni? Brunel Climbing is the best society for you!

We spend every Tuesday and Thursday down at the climbing wall in the Sports Centre, and we'd love to have you join us!

Not only is climbing an awesome activity and experience, you'd also be part of one of the most social clubs on campus! With two fresher trips coming up in the first term, we are made up of every level of climber so even if you don't know how to climb don't fear!

We have our own wall & bouldering room to practice as well as a NICAS Qualified Instructor to teach you, so you can learn a new skill or just use it as a great workout.

We look forward to seeing you during Fresher’s Week for our taster sessions & other activities (slacklining) around campus!


Dance Kirsty Jones

Brunel Dance (BUDC) encompasses creativity, fun and friendship into one. Diverse teacher and student led classes such as Hip Hop, Ballet and Pole and creative and unique choreography have made our annual March and new December shows successful.

Additionally the great interest in BUDC has led Brunel rejoining dance competitions with universities such as Royal Holloway and Cambridge. However, make of BUDC what you will, whether you join in for competitions, better fitness or friendships BUDC is the place to start.

For more info check us out on Facebook at Brunel Dance 14/15. Dance Love.


Fencing Ben Usher

Ever dreamt of fighting like a pirate, or wielding a lightsaber like a Jedi Knight?

Well, fencing may disappoint you. However, if you’re looking for a sport that requires athleticism, speed and a quick mind, or just a friendly club, big on socials, we’re here for you!

We welcome people of all backgrounds and experience, from novices to national champions. If you’ve fenced before, or you’re simply just curious, come along and try it out! Your first session is always free.

Interested? Look for our taster session during Freshers’ Week and find us on Facebook at Brunel Fencing 2014 – 2015

Football Jordan Clarke

Brunel Football is one of the biggest clubs on campus and one of the best to be involved with. The club caters for all, with one women’s team and five men’s teams all entered into the BUCS leagues and also an intra-mural league that all students are welcome to participate in. Alongside this, the club also has a decent social side to it for all of its member to engage with. So find us Fresher’s Fayre if you're keen to get involved!


Golf Greg Palin

Whether you are a scratch golfer or a beginner, you will find Brunel University Golf Club a friendly and welcoming environment in which to develop your golf game. The first team currently compete in the British University and College Sport (BUCS) South Eastern division 2A and finished in fourth place last year - a position the club are desperate to improve upon. It is equally important that the needs of new golfers and also others that play socially are also met. To do this, regular practice sessions are arranged nearby as well as social gatherings on and off the golf course.

Hockey Shelley-Ann Spooner

Brunel Hockey is one of the biggest clubs within the university campus, with 7 teams in total: three women's, two men's, a men's Saturday team and a mixed team, allowing us to cater for any ability whether beginner or experienced. We are also known for being a very social club with socials every Wednesday after our games, Christmas dinner, our cave night in Academy, our pub golf in Fresher’s week and much more. We would love to see some new faces this year so if you're looking to keep fit and join one of the most sociable clubs at Brunel, Hockey is the club for you! Come down to the sports pitches for our taster session on Wednesday and have a go!

Hour of Power Michael Nourmand

Our club offers participants of our Hour of Power Brunel fitness class a chance to be part of the wider HOP community. Going for nearly 30 years strong, the workout provides a complete cardio-workout using simple yet effective movements. Our unique trademark of dynamic resistive repetitions has given people of all fitness levels a winning combination of endurance and overall well-being.

If you’re looking to increase your energy output, build tolerance and increased vitality throughout the year, we run classes in 2014/15 that can cater for your personal and sports team's needs.

Give it a go! – Checkout our Facebook Page "Hour of Power Brunel" or Twitter @BrunelHOP for more information.

Jitsu Tim Hazel

Jitsu is based on the traditional styles of Jiu Jitsu developed in medieval Japan. We learn to defend ourselves in real life situations by using throws, joint locks, weapon disarms and strikes. Throughout the year our members go to national tournaments as well as numerous regional Jitsu Courses. In the past, we have obtained gold, silver and bronze medals at these tournaments on numerous occasions. Jitsu is a fun and rewarding activity, good for your fitness and self-esteem, and a great learning experience.

Judo Zara Canfield

Do you fancy trying an exciting sport? Then how about Judo! Judo is a great form of fitness and self-defence, a great way to meet new people and even compete. We meet up twice a week in the IAC, with training session varying from technique, competitive and fitness sessions. Brunel Judo club has some great success in competitions such as The London University Championships, being in the top 10 in the country and BUCS. We also have great links with other local clubs such as Hillingdon Judo Club and Premier Judo, allowing extra training sessions and chances to be graded.

Karate Leona Sinclair

My name is Leona Sinclair and I am the chair of Brunel Karate Club for this year. I joined in January 2013 and, although the Okinawa Goju Ru and Jujitsu style was different to training I’d received before, I was wholeheartedly welcomed. I was also encouraged to really challenge myself, which I have thoroughly enjoyed.

The best thing about being a part of the club is the sense of unity and friendship between fellow practitioners, which develops as you all work collectively to develop as individual martial artists. We spend a lot of time together, inside the dojo training three-times per week, and outside the dojo, during our socials and regional and national-level tournaments. This year, we are planning to be more creative in our endeavour to have fun by doing more of the above! We will be holding demonstrations and free taster sessions during Fresher’s week so please come down and check us out! We look forward to meeting you!

Kayaking Rachel Jones

Brunel Kayakers is made up of two kayaking groups - the sprint team and the white water paddlers. If you have experience racing flat water sprint then make sure you sign up to be part of the team! The white water kayaking is for everyone from complete beginners to experts. We run regular sessions to Hurly Weir with our coach, Shaun Baker; a free style legend! If you would like to have a go then come and find us at Fresher’s Fayre and sign up to one of our taster sessions!


Lacrosse Charlotte Hylton

Lacrosse is a new and exciting sport for most people when they start university, in addition to be a reasonably new club. This has led to a diverse group joining lacrosse forming a mixed team. Along with mixed training, we also have mixed socials and these have been excellent in the past few years. Pub Golf, Christmas Dinner and Smurf Night have been three of my personal favourites to name just a few.


Netball Kandis Nelson


Brunel Netball Club is known for its drive, determination and passion for netball on and off the court. We are one of the biggest clubs on campus with six teams at different league levels and a social team allowing us to cater to all different ability levels. We are known for our crazy social events that appeal to all members of the club; whether it be a fancy dress night, a dinner event, movie night, team meals; there is always something for everyone.

Our Pink Night in October, which is held in Academy, is one of our biggest events as we use our club night with the aim to raise money for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This night is deemed to be one of the best nights on campus with everyone coming out in full force wearing pink and raising money for a great cause. So make sure to come along! If you love netball and are looking to play competitively or socially, with a twist of enjoying the social elements whilst getting the best university experience you can we have what you need! Come down to the Fresher’s Fayre and trial with us at the sports park on Wednesday 17th September. We look forward to meeting you.


Rounders Hayley Metcalfe

Brunel Rounders is a young but exciting club. It’s all about having fun, relieving stress and as a bonus getting some exercise! We welcome everyone, both males and females from those who have played competitive Rounders before to those who have never played at all.

So whether you are looking for a club which is easy going, allows you to make friends and enjoys the social aspect or a club that plays as a team that aims to win in matches against other universities, Brunel Rounders is for you!


Rowing Kingsley McDiarmid

Brunel University Rowing Club is a diverse club with a wide range of abilities and experience. All our members will have the opportunity to compete for the university in BUCS events both indoor on the rowing machine and on the water at BUCS Head and BUCS Regatta.
We our based a short drive away at Hillingdon Outdoor Pursuit Centre and provide transport to the lake 3 times a week for all members. We had a successful year last year and won both of our events at Varsity and are looking to build on that this year.


Rugby Samuel Voight

Brunel Rugby is potentially the greatest club at Brunel University. We welcome everybody of any ability, and boast that we field both men’s and women's teams! Along with our world-class facilities and coaching we can offer any player a place in our team not only to grow as a player, but also to grow as a person.

Find us at the Fresher’s Fayre or approach anybody wearing Brunel Rugby stash for more details.


Squash Sam Fowler

Brunel Squash club has a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. At our club it is all about the enjoying the sport and the company of the other members. Squash is a high intensity sport and very good for fitness, it easy to learn how to play but very tough to master. We have three men’s teams and a successful ladies team as well as a large social section where any of our members can arrive at the open sessions and play for free! Feel free to come down to the courts during an open session and have a go. We are on Facebook and twitter, please contact us if you have any questions. Squash Love.

Sailing Olivia McCarthy

Brunel Sailing Club takes on sailors of all levels, even ones who have never been in a boat! Based at Datchet Water Sailing Club, approximately a 20 minute drive away, we have qualified instructors that have taken subsidised courses through the club to teach level one and two sailing to beginner sailors. For those that want to further their skills and for the more advanced sailors, we attend University Team Racing events across the country. Out of the water we host numerous social events such as pub sails and Academy nights.

Tae Kwon Do Lucy Hawkes

Tae Kwon-Do is a martial art and Olympic sport originating in Korea. Translated from Korean, "Tae" means to jump, kick or smash with the foot, "Kwon" means fist, to punch or destroy with the hand, and "Do" means art, way or method. Tae Kwon-Do uses techniques of unarmed combat for self-defence, involving blocking, evading, punching and kicking using just the hands and feet to rapidly destroy an opponent.

At Brunel Tae Kwon-Do, we have fun whilst keeping fit. All abilities from beginners with no marital arts experience to black belt champions are welcome to train with us. The style taught is ITF (International Tae Kwon-Do Federation), but members with backgrounds in other styles of Tae Kwon-Do are welcome also join us.
For more information, contact Lucy Hawkes (President) at

Tennis Charlie Clarke

Brunel Tennis Club prides itself on the fact that we give anyone and everyone the opportunity to play tennis, regardless of past experience or ability.

We offer free coaching twice a week, social drop-in sessions and free access to courts at particular times.

For those wishing to play more competitively we have three men’s, one ladies and one mixed team, as well as regular squad training.

We hold regular socials and run days to Wimbledon and the ATP World Tour Finals.

Please come and say hello to us during Fresher’s Week and don't hesitate to get involved!

TROGs Saskia Schuler

TROGs stands for ‘The Real Outdoor Group’. We love the outdoors and run weekend and day trips throughout the year to do activities such as Hiking, Caving, Mountain Biking, Kayaking, Surfing and Orienteering. We've adventured everywhere from the mountains of Wales to the beauty of the Lake District, from Scotland to Cornwall - and most places in between! We cater for all ability levels and welcome beginners - whether you’re up for serious hiking or a stroll with a stunning backdrop. At the end of the day you’ll usually find us at a local pub with our feet up and pint in hand.

Join Our Facebook Group “TROGs” or email us at to find out more.

 Volleyball Claudia Kampmann

We're the Brunel Blackhawks! Our Volleyball team is a young and dynamic team. Our goals are to enjoy playing volleyball to its fullest and being committed to games and success for the entire team. We like to create a close and friendly team environment and are hoping to increase the club in size in the upcoming academic year. Our team is looking forward to the next year and especially in seeing the new faces to join our club!

Women's Cricket Sara Patel

Being a small, tight-knit, female-only Cricket Club, we are looking for enthusiastic people who share the same passion to enlarge our club. We have already gained increasing recognition on campus and with other London Universities. We welcome those who have experience as well as those who just want to have some fun!

Our training sessions are light-hearted and we organise a variety of socials throughout the year. We engage in both indoor and outdoor leagues and we are invited to take part in the yearly indoor tournament held at Lord’s. We hope to gain as many people this year and make it a great one for Women’s Cricket.