By Hannah Jones

Another year, another Sports Federation Ball! On April 24th, nearly 300 students attended our annual Ball at the Thistle Hotel. Organised by the events team, our Sports Federation Chair, Michael Darlow and the sports federation committee, the night was a huge success! 

11154906_739487629482682_2272772959170594816_oMore students than ever attended the event which lead to a huge profit that saw everyone receiving a complimentary drink upon arrival! After a wonderful opening speech by our Sports Federation chair, the first awards to be announced were Club colours, Half colours and Full colours. Presented by the Sports Federation Chair and the Vice President Student Activities, Hannah Jones, club colours was awarded to individuals who had made significant contributions during their time as members. This included their role as a member of the committee, or contributions despite NOT being a member of the committee. Half colours were awarded to those who had performed at a regional level, equivalent or maintained a high ranking in their chosen sport. The highest level of achievement was Full colours and was awarded to individuals who achieved Exceptional Performance.  This year we had 60 nominees who received club colours, 28 for half colours and 26 for full colours.

After a delightful main course, the evening saw awards presented by members of the Sports Federation Committee, our campaigns chair, Yohanna and our incoming RAG Chair, Yasmin. The awards and winners were: Shoebox Appeal winner Rugby Union; RAG Club of the Year winner Hockey; Volunteering Club of the Year winner Hockey; Most Improved Club of the Year winner Fencing; Membership Engagement Club of the Year winner Hockey; Club Person of the Year – Malikhi Llyod-Jones from Rugby League and Kandis Nelson from Netball – both have been exceptional and invaluable members to their clubs this year, the committee couldn’t decide between the two so we awarded them both!  Before deserts, Team of the Year was announced as Futsal Men’s 1st Team. They have had an incredible season and on Wednesday 29th April they will be playing in the BUCS Championship final against Brighton and we wish them the best of luck!

11187194_739487876149324_8271421377164097288_oAfter the final course, we moved onto the ‘big’ awards of the evening. Fresher of the Year was awarded to an individual who has shown potential and enthusiasm on an operational and/or performance level and has stood out in front of their peers. The winner this year was James King from Judo! Sportswoman and Sportsman were awarded to those recognised with the highest level of individual achievement. The Committee took into account what level these people had achieved and also their contribution to the club. Sportswomen for 2014/15 was Georgia Lees from Netball, she is currently the 1st team captain at Brunel, competes for Surrey Storm in the Superleague and is an exceptional player. Sportsman for 2014/15 was awarded to David Hall from Athletics, David set a new 400m record at BUCS and is our best decathlete at Brunel!

Before the biggest award of the evening was announced, Michael gave his final speech thanking a number of individuals, including the events team, our communications team, the VPSA for her support throughout the year and those individuals who voted in the elections!

Club of the Year, a highly prestigious title was awarded to the club that has provided the best service to its members and the Students Union as a whole. This can include social, recreational and competitive activities. The committee took into consideration the capability of a club to achieve a high standard in all areas when deciding the winner. The winner for 2014/15 was NETBALL!

All winners were deserving of their awards. The Sports Federation Committee decided on winners based on nominations submitted as well as the committee requesting more information where required to ensure that an informed decision had been made.

Yet again another superb night finishing up in global! This event is the highlight for most sporting individuals and teams and we look forward to more next year!