By Kirsty Capes

Brunel students have elected their standing committees and liberation officers in the Union’s April by-elections. Representatives were elected into a number of roles after a week of campaigning and voting which concluded with the announcement of the results on Friday 24 April. In total, 386 votes were cast in the election.

The Raise and Give (RAG) Committee consists of six elected members, which will next year be chaired by Yasmin Simsek, Alexander Tyson, Ashlee Moyo, Amika Gandhi, Hannah Sigston, Toni Doncaster and Zara Canfield were elected.

The Societies Guild Committee elected representatives were Katie Dixon-Warren, Steph Maclean, Tara Edwards, Mohammed Khan and Robert Parritt. Next year the Committee will be chaired by Ben Martin, who was elected in the Spring Elections.

The Sports Federation Committee elected representatives were Cam Barrows, Charlotte Lewis, Molly Rai, Rebecca Wilby, Toni Doncaster, Zara Canfield, Christopher Meadway and Tre Mitford. The Committee will be chaired next year by Ti ‘Oti’ Ojuyah.

Positions new for this year’s by-elections were the Liberation Officers, who will make up the Equality and Diversity Committee and who will represent liberation and minority groups at important Union and University meetings as part of the Union’s governance restructure. Wangu Mureithi was elected as BME Students’ Officer and Ryan Raghoo was elected as the Disability and Dyslexia Representative Officer. After a tight race between six different women, Christina Franklin was elected the Union’s new Women’s Officer.

Student Media elections also took place, and the student body elected current News Section sub-editor Elisabeth Mahase as the new Editor in Chief of Le Nurb. Elisabeth has been working on Le Nurb for the past year as a News sub-editor and hopes to improve the newspaper’s visibility on campus. She said: “I'm so excited for the next year. Le Nurb is getting better every issue and I look forward to continuing the amazing work of this year's team”

Alice Morris was re-elected as Video Brunel’s Executive Director after holding the position for a year. One of Alice’s key manifesto points was to encourage engagement between Video Brunel and the wider student body by communicating better with volunteers, clubs and societies. She said: “I am incredibly overwhelmed with all the support and confidence the students of Brunel have given me, I can't wait to continue my work at video Brunel! Watch this space!”

Also elected onto the Media Association Committee, which will be chaired next year by incumbent Media Association Chair Becky Collins, were Lizzie Blake (secretary) and Adam White (web officer).

The positions of Media Treasurer, Media Union Liaison, Societies Guild Committee Member and LGBT+ Liberation Officer had no candidates in this election, and therefore the posts we re-open for nominations in the October by-elections.