By Elisabeth Mahase

Just 3 months into his position, Ali Milani has completed one of the his main manifesto goals: a new student store.

The store, due to open on the 10th September, will be located on the bottom floor of the Social Amenities building - where the dance studio and prayer room occupy the 2nd and 3rd floors.

Isambard Complex
Isambard Complex - showing the social amenities building on the left.


The main function will be to provide cheaper options than CostCutter, with a focus group run by the Union to decide what products they would like to see sold.

Milani's ambition is to liven up that end of campus, giving students from Isambard, Gaibraith, Fleming and Mill hall a more convenient option.

Speaking to Le Nurb, UBS President Ali Milani said:

“Never tell a Students’ Union we can’t do something. Throughout the election campaign, we have consistently been told that a Students’ Store was unachievable. I am delighted to announce, 3 months in, that I have been able to secure and open the store.

"The Union firmly believes that this will be of great benefit to our members. The key to this store is that not only will it include an isle that will be price matched with the likes of Tesco and ASDA, but we will also give students the opportunity to decide the options.

"We have also decided to aim higher than simply opening a store and create an entirely new environment by the Amenities building. With the inclusion of Starbucks and other entertainment, the store can act as a new social space for our students.

"I hope this achievement will serve as a benchmark for this Union to always aim high, demand big and believe in change.”