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This book was my saviour during my A-Level’s and the skills I picked up from it have carried me through the first two years of my undergraduate Law degree. It is a book to help study effectively with dedicated sections focusing upon academic writing, people skills, task management and planning your future.

The good points about this book is that it is well formatted, easy to read and the information is set out clearly. It is also very interactive with self-evaluation tables, checklists and more. This allows you to track and evaluate areas for growth as well as identify areas for improvement to ensure you are the best ‘studier’ you could possibly be.

The negative points about this book is that is very bulky, so if you want to keep a copy of it alongside you as you study as I did, then it is not good for transportation. One other point about this book is that the information is quite basic, as I mentioned I used it during my A-levels. However, it could be useful if you did not do any essay- based subjects for A-levels to ensure you are not thrown into the deep end when it comes to coursework and exams.

Overall, this is an excellent book, particularly for those who have had a break from formal education or who lack basic study skills.