By Elisabeth Mahase

Earlier tonight Brunel's Student President Ali Milani announced, via Facebook and Twitter, a commitment to pay 'our student staff the UK national living wage.'

The living wage is calculated by accounting for the basic cost of living in the UK. This currently stands at £7.85 an hour outside of London and £9.15 in London.

When contacted, the SU President had this to say:

"This is long overdue. We have being paying our student staff at an unacceptable rate for far too long and I'm glad my first act as chair of the trustee board can do something about it. It also serves as a benchmark for this upcoming year.

"Change wasn't just a slogan for us, it was an ambition; and it's finally coming to fruition. At a time where students are really concerned about the cost of living, I'm happy to be able to do something about it."

Photo posted by Ali Milani along with the news. From left to right: Aaron Lowman, Marcus Stein, Ali Milani and Yousef Mohmmed.

This story will be updated as more information is released.

More information on the living wage can be found here.