Ryan Giltinane
Now you may be thinking that this article is about a particular Badger which takes advantage of the Brunel Campus to move around and sneak food and other materials from unsuspecting students but unfortunately no such badger exists (that I am aware of). Instead this article concerns the annual inter-University sailing event known the 'Badger', the intention behind this name has long been lost to the many pages of history but the event and the name remain.

The Brunel Badger is an event orchestrated and organised solely by the Brunel Sailing Club. On Saturday 28 February and Sunday 1 March, sailing teams from all across the country will travel to Datchet Water Sailing Club to participate in a series of competitive races. The event takes place on the Queen Mother Reservoir and is completely free, so if you consider yourself a true Brunelian and want to come and support the efforts of the Brunel Sailing team or if you're more interested in competitive sailing in general then feel free to make your way down and enjoy the activities (food and drink will be available at Datchet!).

For those that cannot come and support the team during the day there is another event. On Friday 27 February at 8pm the winners of the Battle of the Band competition will be performing in Academy, entry is completely and utterly free and you'll get a chance to mingle with sailors from all across the UK! Come along and show your support, enjoy the free music and the free entry into Academy!

If you've got any questions don't hesitate to email: Ryan.Giltinane@brunelsailing.com I hope to see people there!