The Cribs

The Cribs are a strangely illusive band, started in 2000 by The Jarman Twins and their younger brother. The band never really got much reorganization however it seems that everyone at some point heard of them. It could be fact that they have long associated with The Libertines, both bands gaining notoriety in the 2000s. However much cant be said about this recent album.

Though I am not familiar with their music I have been a long fan of indie music like most people. For any who wants classic indie music then this album is for you! Without doubt The Cribs are definitely trying to hark back to those days. This indie-rock band definitely now how to write some good songs, for example there soon to be single ‘Burning for No One’ is an amazing song. However I feel like I’ve heard this before, their sound is nothing unique to me. Maybe it is because I have never really listened to their music much. Of course their guitar riffs on ‘Different Angels’ is pretty beautiful but for me that is the only song that actually sticks out. Lyrical they seemed to have always been phenomenal and have apparently inspired generation of musicians. For me they seemed to be stuck in the past with their unimpressive guitar riffs and base.