By Emma Jeremy

The Student Led Teaching Awards are an annual celebration of exceptional teaching, hosted by the Brunel Student’s Union. Students can nominate lecturers, administrators and student-teachers for a number of different awards, and the winners were announced at an awards evening on the 21st April.

Winners made short speeches and were all honoured and touched by the recognition they had received, but the overarching theme of the evening was one of student-teacher support, with many winners commenting that it was the students, in fact, that deserved thanks. The academics stated that inspiration goes both ways in a teaching environment, and thanked their ‘exceptional’ students for motivating them.

The winners in full

Exceptional Module Award – Ashley Brown for Socio-Cultural Contexts

“Ashley Brown made an already interesting module the best that I have had during my entire time on the course.”

Innovative Teaching Award – Emmanouil Karteris

“Emmanouil is an amazing lecturer, with clear module slides, always prepared for his lectures.”

Postgraduate Who Teaches Award – Michael Scott

“Michael always takes a pro-active approach to check the progress of the students in his classes and builds a good rapport with his students.”

Personal Tutoring Award – Mauro Costantini

“Mauro goes above and beyond.”

Feedback of the Year Award – Wayne Holloway-Smith

“Wayne always gives personalised feedback on writing which has obviously been carefully thought through.”

Outstanding Admin and Support Award – Emma Sigsworth

“Since I registered as a full time student, I or my friends never faced any problems as Emma is there for us.”

Postgraduate’s Choice Award – Frazer Lee

“Frazer has a unique way of making his lectures funny which means they are extremely engaging and entertaining.”

Inspirational Teaching Award – Christopher Parris

“Dr Parris is one of the most enthusiastic lecturers that I have ever experienced. His passion for the subject is contagious.”

Supervisor of the Year Award – Jill Collis

“Dr Collis is student orientated and is always looking to improve the student experience here at Brunel.”