By Justyna Galazka

2016 will be remembered as a great year in cinematic history. Not only did our beloved Leonardo Di Caprio FINALLY win that long-awaited Oscar, but we have also seen some of the most successful movies to ever be produced.

So, here it is, our selection of the top films from 2016:

Fantasy / action

This year definitely belonged to comic book characters. The competition between DC and Marvel definitely fired up; starting off with Capitan America, Batman vs Superman, The Suicide Squad quickly followed by our favourite:


Starring Ryan Reynolds, Deadpool tells the story of a man subjected to experimental treatment in an attempt to cure his cancer. He is left deeply scarred, seeking revenge whilst also trying to reunite himself with his left love…oh, and did we mention he’s now got a selection of superpowers. What makes the movie good? It’s the superhero movie we’ve, secretly, all been waiting for. With R rated humor, a tortured hero to rival Bruce Wayne and several shots of Ryan Reynold’s in the buff: there’s something for everyone. This is no typical superhero movie. Rated number 1 X-man movie, Deadpool broke box offices and is now in preparations for a sequel.


2016 did not disappoint when it comes to animations. Pixar brought back our beloved characters in Finding Nemo’s sequel: Finding Dory (about time). Universal presented The Secret life of Pets and Disney introduced a new princess, Moana. It is also Disney that we owe our best animation pick of the year:


With it’s impressive 98% positive reviews, this movie promises not to disappoint. The story takes place in a fictional world where all the mammals, both predators and prey, coexist in peace. We follow the adventures of Judy, the underestimated first rabbit police officer, and Nick, a charismatic fox, who is forced into helping her with the investigation. You may think animations are for children but there’s something enjoyable for everyone in this lovable film.


Some say that life would be boring without a little drama. And cinema in 2016 seemed to completely agree with this, as our screens were filled with drama. At the top of the rankings we find mostly Drama/ Romance with titles like La La Land, starring Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone, alongside Me Before You, the emotionally jarring movie starring Game of Throne’s Emilia Clarke, but our choice this year is:


The movie didn’t break the box office but gained a large amount of critical acclaim. The film was nominated for Golden Globes in a few categories, including Best Picture, Best Director and Best Screenplay. It follows the story of a young man Chiron, who lives in Miami during ‘War of drugs’. The movie is divided into 3 different chapters, each focusing on experiences shaping the main character’s life. Moonlight isn’t easy to watch. It brings up issues like: drugs, bullying, dysfunctional families or defining sexuality. But for fans of the genre, it is, without a doubt worth spending time on.


To cheer up, let’s move on to comedies. We had a large range of new titles and a couple of sequels (Neighbours 2, Zoolander 2). It is definitely worth mentioning two movies, which grabbed the Internet’ s attention this year: Sausage Party, which has broken new ground in solidifying animation for adults as a genre, and Ghostbusters, which promoted girl power with its new female squad. However, none of these can really compete when we remember that our favourite singleton returned to our screens this year and that’s why we have to choose:


The long awaited 3rd movie in the series saw Renee Zellweger return in more shenanigans as Bridget Jones. We see the return of good old characters, like Marc Darcy (Collin Firth), and the introduction of brand new ones, including the handsome American, Jack (Patrick Dempsey). The film revives what we’ve always loved about Bridget, with misadventures and hilarious disasters, as she attempts to figure out the father of her baby.