By Aliya Siddique

The prospect of new Ed Sheeran music elated and terrified me at the same time. Which life-changing moment from my past is he going to sing about this time, resulting in a hysterical ugly-cry in my bedroom? ‘Castle on a Hill’ starts off very upbeat, in fact it’s upbeat throughout. Immediately I thought Ed was turning country from the echoes of a banjo in the background but after my initial apprehension I settled into the song taking in the soulful, raspy voice I had missed so much. A song for all the countryside kids. He’s driving home to see his family and friends, and you’re right there riding shotgun with him. Although ‘Castle on a Hill’ sounds like a cheery song with the accompaniment of Ed’s signature acoustic guitar, it does have bittersweet undertones. Although the lives we lead now are exciting and non-stop, whether that be at university, work or travelling the world: you are always going to miss that place where you grew up and where you found your feet and your friends. Its comfort. Its familiarity. Its home.

‘Shape of You’ also starts of as it means to go on. With a funky beat, harmonies and wordy verses, it’s exactly what we’ve come to expect from the celebrated pop singer in his rough-around-the-edges tracks. You can imagine this to be a real crowd-pleaser with Ed and his guitar getting us to sing along to its catchy chorus. Filled with lust, passion, and intrigue: definitely set to be a new Ed classic. What makes both songs even more unique, like the man himself, are their origins. Sheeran had a recording studio built on the QM2 cruise ship for him to record in. Now let’s hope and pray that he gets that 3rd studio album produced ASAP!

Both songs are out now for download on iTunes and Spotify.